Enhancing your breast size and shape with implants could boost your self-confidence, balance body proportions, and rejuvenate your appearance. However, breast implants do not last more than two decades and could change with age or develop complications, just like the rest of your body. Therefore, breast implant replacement in Virginia Beach is necessary ten to 20 years after augmentation to prevent cosmetic and medical issues from developing.

In addition to preventative measures, implant replacement surgery is the best option for changing your breast contours further after an initial augmentation. Despite facing another short recovery period, the procedure could restore your breast size, shape, and contours after aging and implant changes. Consider Galardi | Bowen Plastic Surgery if you want different enhancements or need to change your implants.

Reasons to Consider Breast Implant Replacement Surgery

There are many cosmetic and health reasons for patients in Virginia Beach to undergo breast implant replacement surgery. For example, breast implants may change over time due to surrounding muscles and skin sagging or external trauma, resulting in cosmetic issues. Possible changes include skin rippling, implants shifting positions on the chest, and implant leaks that lead to breast volume loss.

Beyond cosmetic motivations, breast implant replacement is necessary to prevent medical complications from developing or worsening. For instance, the operation could remove scar tissue from previous surgeries that affect the look and feel of breasts. Typically, the procedure is required between ten and 20 years after initial augmentation surgery as this is the standard lifespan of breast implants.

Lastly, many patients want implant replacement to change their enhancements, specifically implant size, shape, and material. It is not uncommon for patients to decide they want smaller, larger, rounder, or more natural-looking breasts before breast implant replacement surgery is medically necessary.

Possible Cosmetic Changes to Consider Before Breast Implant Replacement

Despite breast implant replacement procedures in Virginia Beach being necessary for many patients, the operation is an opportunity to enhance breasts further. Specifically, the surgery gives breast augmentation patients a chance to change their implant’s shape, size, material, and profile for different breast contours afterward. Therefore, breast implant replacement patients may want to consider the possible cosmetic changes before their procedure.

For example, silicone and saline implants offer different benefits regarding the look and feel of breasts. During implant replacement surgery, a patient may switch from one implant material to the other based on their preferences. Alternatively, a patient could use fat transfers and body tissue for breast reconstruction instead of replacing older breast implants with newer implants.

If a patient chooses breast implants for replacement, they may select smaller or larger implants than their original implants. Further, patients could decide on a different breast implant profile to alter the breasts’ projection from the chest after surgery.

Get in Touch for a Breast Implant Replacement Consultation in Virginia Beach

Breast implants could transform your chest’s appearance by altering breast size, shape, and profile, but they are not meant to last a lifetime. Instead, patients will need breast implant replacement surgery in Virginia Beach about ten to 20 years after their initial surgery.

In addition to restoring cosmetic enhancements, the procedure allows additional adjustments to improve or alter original results. Further, it may be necessary if you experience complications with breast implants, such as leaks, ruptures, and capsular contracture. Schedule a consultation with Galardi | Bowen Plastic Surgery to discuss the procedure steps and possible cosmetic changes you could make.