Pregnancy and childbirth result in significant changes to a woman’s body with long-term impacts. Some women may be unhappy their body and appearance changes following childbirth, especially for the breasts and abdomen. A Mommy makeover in Virginia Beach with one of our talented and experienced plastic surgeons at Galardi | Bowen Plastic Surgery is a specialized combination of surgical procedures to restore a woman’s body after pregnancy.

Procedures included in a mommy makeover provide a slimmer, more youthful appearance to several body areas for a rejuvenated feeling. After a mommy makeover, many women feel restored and more confident in their appearance. If pregnancy and childbirth have resulted in negative physical impacts, consider a mommy makeover to rejuvenate your body’s appearance.

What is a Mommy Makeover?

A mommy makeover consists of several surgical procedures that aim to restore a woman’s body shape and appearance after pregnancy and childbirth. The surgeries treat body areas that change before and after birth, including the breasts, abdomen, and buttocks. Often, our surgeons suggest performing a combination of operations simultaneously, known as a single-stage procedure. By combining operations, we minimize risks associated with repeated surgeries, such as those associated with general anesthesia.

After pregnancy, women may experience an increase in breast sagging, stretched abdominal skin and muscles, and volume loss in the buttocks. A mommy makeover treatment addresses these cosmetic concerns with several surgical procedures available. Surgeries that could construct a mommy makeover include:

Though these surgical procedures are the most commonly chosen operations during a mommy makeover, other options are also available. Some women opt for a thigh lift, arm lift, or Brazilian butt lift during their mommy makeover treatment with Galardi | Bowen Plastic Surgery.

A Mommy Makeover Could Restore Your Confidence After Children

A vital component of mommy makeover procedures in Virginia Beach is restoring a woman’s confidence along with her physical appearance. Women who undergo a mommy makeover experience increased self-confidence levels, which leads to a better quality of life. Body changes after childbirth and pregnancy could result in negative psychological impacts, such as depression and libido loss, but a mommy makeover aims to reverse these effects.

Each mommy makeover treatment is customizable because every patient chooses the procedures that best suit her cosmetic needs. From this, women may feel a sense of self-care by changing appearance features that previously left them feeling unhappy or unconfident. Further, many individuals who have chosen a mommy makeover have improved sexual satisfaction from vaginal rejuvenation, resulting in positive impacts on their relationships.

Mommy Makeover in Virginia Beach Surgeries with Galardi | Bowen Plastic Surgery

A mommy makeover at our Virginia Beach practice is an individualized surgical approach to rejuvenating the female body after pregnancy and childbirth. The treatment could restore a woman’s breasts, butt, and abdomen to their pre-baby appearances, allowing her to regain confidence. Further, a mommy makeover could include vaginal rejuvenation procedures to improve sexual satisfaction and sexual relationships.

Many women turn to mommy makeover surgeries to feel more confident after having children has changed their bodies. From this, they experience better levels of self-confidence and happiness for a more outstanding quality of life. Feeling confident in your appearance after your body changes during pregnancy and childbirth is possible with the significant improvements a mommy makeover could create.

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Absolute Geniuses!

Title: Absolute Geniuses!
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Client Description: Dr Galardi and staff are absolute geniuses in the operating room. I am extremely pleased with the results from my "mommy makeover" almost 3 months ago. Even on my bad swollen days which thankfully are getting fewer and far between.. I am still in awe every time I look in the mirror. My only regret is waiting this long to build up the nerve to do it. Thank yall so very very much you really have no idea how happy I am.

Rating: ★★★★★ 5 / 5 stars