Breast Implants are a popular procedure for women who are dissatisfied with breast size, have lost volume due to weight loss or pregnancy, have breast asymmetry, or would like to improve breast shape and increase confidence.

What Types of Implants Are Available?

At Galardi | Bowen | Rosenblum Plastic Surgery we use a variety of different manufacturers including Mentor and Sientra implants. Most implants are saltwater (saline) or gel (silicone). We also employ several different shapes of implants and different profiles. This allows you and your physician to ideally select the type, profile and size to meet your exact specifications and desires from the best ultimate result. Your plastic surgeon will discuss your preferences with you to determine your candidacy and which implant is right for your breasts.

What To Expect at Breast Implant Consultation

Schedule your cosmetic breast implants consultation with one of our qualified surgeons in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Newport News or Suffolk plastic surgery offices. During this initial session, our experienced staff will discuss your needs, expectations, proportions, preferences, and lifestyle. We work with you to determine the details and any additional considerations, tailoring the breast implants procedure to your unique needs.

When you’re ready to restore your breasts, enhance breast size, improve breast appearance or shape, or correct an imbalance, Galardi | Bowen | Rosenblum Plastic Surgery is here to help you look – and feel – your best. Boost your breasts, and your confidence, with Galardi | Bowen | Rosenblum Plastic Surgery.

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