Many women consider their breasts an essential characteristic of their appearance and femininity, but some women’s breasts may not develop properly during puberty due to unknown causes. In some cases, the breasts do not develop enough tissue in both the horizontal and vertical directions, resulting in several cosmetic breast changes. The condition, diagnosed as tubular breasts, is typically not noticeable until puberty when breasts begin to grow for most girls.

The condition does not pose any medical risk, but many women undergo tubular breast surgery in Virginia Beach to cosmetically enhance their breasts. After the operation, Galardi | Bowen Plastic Surgery patients report feeling significantly more confident in their appearance. Schedule a consultation if you show signs of the condition and want to discuss the possible enhancements from corrective surgery.

What are Tubular Breasts?

The primary symptom of tubular breasts is a lack of breast tissue throughout the entire breast, both horizontally and vertically. Subsequently, the lack of breast tissue results in the breasts being spaced at least one and a half inches apart with more prominent areolas. In addition, the breast tissue surrounding the nipples may appear collapsed or constricted.

Another significant symptom of tubular breasts includes breast shape changes that, in most cases, result in visible breast asymmetry. Specifically, tubular breasts may appear square, pointed, or oval-shaped instead of rounder, limiting a woman’s wardrobe options. Lastly, the condition could result in significant breast sagging and excess skin.

The cosmetic differences of tubular breasts do not pose a medical risk to individuals with the condition, but many find tubular breasts to be emotionally distressing. Therefore, if you have similar symptoms, consider tubular breast corrective surgery in Virginia Beach to change your breast shape and size.

Surgical Correction of Tubular Breasts

The only effective treatment for tubular breasts is corrective surgery in Virginia Beach. The operation usually occurs in two stages, with the first step involving surgery to relieve the constricted breast tissue. For this procedure, a tissue expander or breast implant goes into the breast through a small incision either within the breast fold, around the areola, or in the armpit.

If your surgeon chooses to use a tissue expander, you will need an additional operation to replace the devices with breast implants between four and eight weeks later. In some cases, the surgeon may reduce the size of more prominent areolas by removing excess tissue if a patient wants this cosmetic change.

Cosmetic Enhancements from Tubular Breast Surgery

Tubular breast procedures in Virginia Beach transform the appearance of patients’ breasts by correcting the lack of breast tissue. This procedure can be highly personalized as you could choose your ideal breast shape and size from the broad spectrum of breast implants available. For instance, you could consider rounder breast implants or tear-drop-shaped ones, in addition to side profiles ranging from low to ultra-high.

In addition, the operation corrects breast asymmetry, which helps balance body figure proportions between the shoulders, breasts, and hips. Subsequently, many women feel more attractive after the surgery due to improved body proportions and a balanced figure.

Learn More About Tubular Breast Correction Surgery in Virginia Beach

Many women do not know they have tubular breasts until puberty and find the breast abnormalities distressing and negatively impacting their self-confidence. Luckily, tubular breast surgery in Virginia Beach could relieve them of this issue and help them feel confident in their body. Call Galardi | Bowen Plastic Surgery if you wish to learn more about the procedure.