Breast augmentation with implants could transform your breasts’ volume, size, and shape for decades. However, the body may have adverse reactions to breast implants since they are foreign bodies, including developing hardened scar tissue in the breasts. The condition, known as capsular contracture, could affect the shape and size of your breasts while being substantially painful for some individuals.

Noninvasive treatment may sufficiently relieve symptoms if you are in the beginning stages of capsular contracture, but surgical correction is the best choice for capsular contracture treatment in Virginia Beach for moderate and severe cases. Arrange a consultation at Galardi | Bowen Plastic Surgery if you have noticed cosmetic breast changes due to hardened breast tissue and would like to discuss treatment options.

Varying Degrees and Symptoms of Capsular Contracture

The primary symptom of capsular contracture is misshapen breasts that are firm to the touch due to hardened scar tissue forming around breast implants. If left untreated, the symptoms could become severe and cause significant breast tightness and pain that disrupts your daily routine. Therefore, it is important to recognize the symptoms of capsular contracture in order to avoid severe cases.

In early capsular contracture stages, the scar tissue has begun to form but does not affect the breast implants’ appearance and feel or cause patients’ discomfort. The next phase of the condition is when mild symptoms begin but are typically limited to physical pain rather than breast cosmetic changes.

Typically, women in Virginia Beach seek capsular contracture surgery when the condition worsens to stage three when visible breast changes occur due to the affected scar tissue, but little discomfort develops. Importantly, surgery is the only suitable option for relieving severe pain and breast implant changes from capsular contracture stage four diagnoses.

What are the Different Capsular Contracture Treatment Options in Virginia Beach?

Early cases of capsular contracture may resolve with noninvasive treatment combining massage techniques and soundwaves from ultrasound energy. The procedure softens the affected scar tissue while stimulating blood flow to the breasts. In addition, the therapy could prevent capsular contracture from forming after breast augmentation surgery.

However, many capsular contracture treatment plans in Virginia Beach require surgical correction when cosmetic changes and breast pain become physically and emotionally disruptive. Usually, a capsulectomy surgery is the first treatment choice for capsular contracture at Galardi | Bowen Plastic Surgery, which is a procedure to remove the breast implants and the surrounding scar tissue. Afterward, the new breast implants go within a collagen-based shell to prevent scar tissue from hardening again after surgery.

Another surgical treatment for capsular contracture is autologous breast reconstruction, which uses body tissue and fat transfer to restore breasts after removing affected scar tissue. Since this operation forgoes the use of breast implants, it eliminates the risk of capsular contracture returning after surgery entirely. Lastly, a capsulotomy procedure to cut open the capsules of hardened scar tissue could relieve tightened tissue and associated symptoms but poses the risk of redeveloping the condition more than other approaches.

Reach Out for a Capsular Contracture Treatment Assessment in Virginia Beach

Developing capsular contracture after breast augmentation surgery happens to a considerable number of patients, with some studies saying up to 45 percent are affected. Since the hardened scar tissue can warp the shape of breast implants and push them out of position, many people find the cosmetic changes emotionally distressing. In that case, capsular contracture treatment in Virginia Beach could prevent the condition from worsening or remove affected scar tissue to restore your breast shape, size, and contours.

In most cases, surgery is the best treatment choice and involves removing scar tissue before replacing your breast implants. At this time, you could choose to change the material, shape, size, and profile to change your breast augmentation enhancements. Get in touch with Galardi | Bowen Plastic Surgery if you have symptoms of the condition and want to know more about treatment options.