Breast plastic surgery procedures are among the most popular and safest plastic surgery procedures in the United States. These procedures help women of all ages and body types feel more confident in themselves and their appearance.

Breast plastic surgery procedures can help you address many issues you may have with your breasts’ appearance. Breast surgery may help improve breast symmetry, breast size, and breast shape so that you look and feel your best. Breast surgeries can help you feel more attractive, confident and youthful.

At Galardi | Bowen Plastic Surgery, our expert plastic surgeons help you achieve the breast appearance you want with procedures including:

breast sugery

We will work with you to create a personalized plan for your breasts and body. Our doctors and staff will help you choose the implant size and type that fits your needs, help you prepare for breast surgery and provide support as you recover. Our conveniently located offices throughout Hampton Roads help you receive treatment and follow-ups close to your home.

Our plastic surgeons have developed innovative techniques to shape and lift your breasts. These surgeries help you achieve the look you want with minimum recovery time. Just an hour or two after your breast plastic surgery, you’ll be able to return home to heal and relax. Depending on which breast procedure you choose, you may be able to return to work under a week and see your final, beautiful results in less than a month.

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