Many women undergo breast argumentation surgery to enhance their natural breast size or restore their breast contours after pregnancy, aging, and weight changes. In every case, one of the most critical component for breast augmentation procedures is the breast implant. Due to the various implant options and differing cosmetic and physical impacts, some patients may need help choosing the right implant in Virginia Beach.

For instance, your natural breast size and shape, in addition to other physical characteristics, could limit your implant options. Further, the final results of your breast augmentation procedure vary depending on the specific aspects of the breast implants. Therefore, get in touch with Galardi | Bowen Plastic Surgery for a consultation to discuss your options.

Breast Implant Characteristics to Consider for the Right Choice

Routine considerations include implant shape and size for breast augmentation patients considering the breast augmentation in Virginia Beach. More specifically, patients may choose between teardrop-shaped or rounder implants for either natural-looking or more dramatic enhancements. In addition, choosing the right breast implant size to accentuate your overall body figure and proportions is crucial for many patients.

However, the right breast implant size for a patient depends on their natural breast size, chest wall, and body proportions. For instance, women with naturally smaller chests may not be suitable candidates for larger breast implants due to narrower chest walls and figures. Alternatively, women with more prominent breasts and wider chests may want to consider larger implants to ensure natural-looking results that balance body proportions.

In addition to size and shape, another vital characteristic to consider when choosing breast implants is their projection off of the chest, which ranges from low profile to ultra-high profile. However, as an implant’s profile increases, the width decreases, so the width of a patient’s chest wall may influence the best implant profile choice. For example, women with narrower chest frames typically need high or ultra-high-profile implants for natural-looking breast size increases.

Cosmetic and Physical Effects of Breast Implants After Surgery

Beyond breast implants’ physical characteristics, implant material is another vital factor when choosing the right implant option in Virginia Beach, as it affects the cosmetic results. For example, silicone breast implants appear and feel more similar to natural breast tissue after surgery, which may be preferable for some patients. On the other hand, saline breast implants are more easily adjustable in shape, size, and volume and pose fewer health risks but may feel harder than natural tissue.

In addition to breast cosmetic changes, patients may want to consider the physical impacts that certain implants could impose. For instance, the additional weight of more prominent breast implants could interfere with exercise and wardrobe options. Further, the extra weight could worsen breast sagging faster than smaller breast implants, especially after pregnancy or weight fluctuations.

Ask Our Team for Help Choosing the Right Breast Implant in Virginia Beach

Breast augmentation surgery is the best option for long-term and noteworthy enhancements to your chest, but deciding on the shape, size, profile, and material is a complex process. The best choice of breast implants depends on your unique body figure, natural breast tissue, and cosmetic goals for surgery, so consider guidance from professionals when choosing the right implants in Virginia Beach.

You and a licensed surgeon could discuss the ideal implant size, shape, and profile to balance your figure’s proportions while achieving natural-looking results during a consultation. So, call Galardi | Bowen Plastic Surgery to arrange a meeting.