The breasts play a significant role in femininity and body proportions for many women. Smaller breast sizes could create an unbalanced body figure and leave a woman feeling unconfident in her appearance. Breast augmentation in Virginia Beach with Galardi | Bowen | Rosenblum Plastic Surgery is a surgical option for enhancing breast size, shape, and placement while providing several emotional benefits.

After breast augmentation, most women experience a significant boost of confidence due to their new chest contours. Further, they could feel more comfortable wearing specific clothing items or change their wardrobe style with different breast sizes. Though the physical enhancements are a vital aspect of breast augmentation, the mental and emotional benefits are just as crucial for many who choose to undergo the procedure. Call our team today to learn about the benefits of breast augmentation.

Breast Augmentation

Physical Changes After Breast Augmentation

The most well-known motivator for breast augmentation surgery is increasing breast size. Breast augmentation alters breast size by surgically inserting implants or fat transfer within the chest wall. Many women seek out this cosmetic procedure after breast changes due to pregnancy, weight loss, or aging, resulting in a loss of breast volume.

Choosing breast augmentation implants provides perkier breasts whose shape and size achieve an optimal, specific look. Implants may be a better option for those looking for breasts that are rounder, firmer, and project farther off the chest. Another option is fat transfer to enhance breasts, which produces a more natural look but is more susceptible to visible aging signs.

Beyond changing breast size, the surgery offers several other appearance benefits. Breast augmentation could improve breast symmetry, breast placement on the chest, and body proportions. A breast augmentation surgery could enhance the entire body figure by balancing proportions between the chest and hips for an attractive, shapely look.

Emotional Benefits of Breast Augmentation

Many women seek out breast augmentation to improve their self-confidence concerning their physical appearance. A smaller breast size could make some women feel unfeminine and result in difficulty with certain clothing types. However, enhancing the chest with a breast augmentation operation at our Virginia Beach practice could boost an individual’s self-esteem and allow more freedom and comfort with clothing.

Studies have shown that nine out of ten women experienced increased self-esteem after breast augmentation. After surgery, women report higher satisfaction levels and improved quality of life due to better self-esteem levels. However, before choosing to move forward with the procedure, potential patients must have realistic expectations regarding surgical results.

Breast augmentation’s possible results depend on a patient’s natural chest size and body frame. Those looking for larger implants must have a body that can support the additional weight, and enough chest tissue to adequately cover the implants. Knowing the surgery’s limitations helps form realistic expectations for enhancing the chest and, in turn, more satisfaction with results.

Breast Augmentation Surgery with Galardi | Bowen | Rosenblum Plastic Surgery Provides Various Benefits

Enhancing the breasts by increasing their size, changing their shape, and shifting their placement with breast augmentation in Virginia Beach provides many benefits. Many women who seek this surgery focus on breast augmentation’s physical benefits, but emotional benefits are equally important. Breast implants could increase a woman’s confidence and self-esteem, leading to higher levels of happiness.

Further, breast augmentation allows clothing to fit more comfortably or for a woman to change her wardrobe style for a new aesthetic. One significant benefit of the procedure is balancing body proportions for a more attractive appearance. Ultimately, if you consider your breasts too small for your body, breast augmentation could give you physical and emotional benefits that positively impact your life.

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Breast Augmentation in Virginia Beach FAQ's

Yes. We refer you to the American Medical Association guidelines for mammograms.

When you go to get your mammogram, you will want to tell the technician or mammographer that you have had breast augmentation surgery. They will then employ a special technique to isolate the breast tissue from the implant so that they can get a clear picture of the breast.

During your consultation, not only will we spend a lot of time deciding what size you ultimately want to be, but we will also spend a fair amount of time analyzing your breast, shape, size, and sag. If you have some sagging, known as breast ptosis, we will address that at the time of consultation.

Many times we do a lift at the same time as breast augmentation with a small implant, which ultimately gives you the best shape and the most natural look.

Several years ago, Dr. Rosenblum developed a unique technique called the hover lift a short incision allows us to lift the breast, the nipple, and areola, at the same time as putting a breast implant in. This procedure gives great results with superior fullness at the top of the breast with the most minimal of scarring.

We have a fully accredited ambulatory surgery center within our facility at Galardi | Bowen | Rosenblum Plastic Surgery. In fact, it is that accreditation that allows us to offer you a state of the art facility with the highest level of safety and the most confidentiality so that whatever you have done is not known to anybody else.

No. Galardi | Bowen | Rosenblum Plastic Surgery center has a fully-accredited ambulatory surgery center.

Our facility has been there for over 15 years and has been fully accredited by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the Accreditation Committee for Ambulatory Surgery Centers.

We get accredited every year and have never had any lapses or negative comments from the reviewers who have accredited our facility.

Usually, within 2 weeks, our patients are back in the gym. While that may vary depending on how aggressive your workouts are or what type of workouts you do, we can customize a workout for you to get you back as soon as possible.

Galardi/Rosenblum Plastic Surgery has performed over 3,000 breast augmentation procedures.

Most women come in saying they want to be a certain cup size. In reality, very few women know what that cup size will be on their body but all women know what they want to look like after surgery. We spend most of our consultation time sizing you appropriately because when you undergo breast augmentation surgery and 4-5 weeks down the road we want to make sure you look the way you wanted.

During the consultation, we will spend time trying on different size and types of implants to see what looks best on you. Ultimately it is that look that you want, not the letter in the back of your bra.

During your consultation, our patient counselor will be able to give you an exact price for your breast augmentation surgery that will include everything: the surgeon, the anesthesiologist, the operating room, the implants and any other after-care we could foresee.


Most women take off 3-5 days and sometimes a week.

There are three location options, above the muscle (sub glandular), below the muscle (subpectoral) or between the muscle (subfascial). All three locations will be discussed during your consultation. Our goal is to individualize and customize the procedures for you and your anatomy to ensure the best result.

We use the state-of-the-art breast implants including saline and cohesive gel (silicone implants).

In our practice, we have a choice of 3 different types of incisions.

1. Around the areola
2. In the inframammary fold, the breast crease below the areola or nipple

While many women have preferences to which incision they want to use, we often wait until the consultation is done and then we discuss the merits of each incision. Often times, multiple incisions can be used with equal efficacy. However, with some patients, their body type or breast type lends them to one incision being preferred over the other.

Yes, you can, and it is something we would discuss during your personal consultation. Sometimes our patients who are having a breast augmentation are often having a breast lift, a tummy tuck, thigh lift, or liposuction on different troublesome areas of their bodies.

The mommy makeover can include breast augmentation with a breast lift and a tummy tuck that sometimes includes some liposuction in other areas.

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