Breast augmentation is the best way to enhance breast size and contours as implants restore breast volume and shape. Unfortunately, since breast implants do not last forever, breast revision surgery in Virginia Beach is necessary for replacing older implants.

However, some women may choose to have revision surgery to correct cosmetic breast changes or health complications after surgery. In either case, revision surgery at Galardi | Bowen Plastic Surgery is the best option for restoring your initial augmentation enhancements and boosting your confidence once again. Schedule a breast revision consultation if you are ready to replace or change your breast implants for a newly sculpted chest.

Why Should You Consider Breast Revision Surgery?

Primarily, revision surgery in Virginia Beach replaces older breast implants with newer ones to correct cosmetic changes and prevent health complications. For example, breast implants may shift in position on the chest wall over time, resulting in skin rippling, breast shape changes, breast asymmetry, and increased breast sagging. Further, if an implant ruptures breast volume visibly declines significantly as the implant flattens, resulting in skin irregularities as well.

In addition to cosmetic concerns, breast revision surgery could correct medical complications due to implants, if they develop. In some cases, patients develop hardened scar tissue around breast implants that becomes painful, a condition called capsular contracture. Revision surgery removes affected scar tissue while replacing implants to relieve patients of breast discomfort.

Lastly, women may choose to undergo breast revision surgery to alter their initial enhancements and breast implant choice. For instance, some patients may choose to have larger or smaller implants for revision surgery than their initial augmentation procedure. Further, patients may have revision surgery to change breast implant materials, such as switching from saline to silicone implants.

Procedure and Recovery Steps for Breast Implant Revision Surgery

At our Virginia Beach office, breast implant revision surgery requires general anesthesia before the procedure begins. Next, our surgeon creates incisions in the same location as before. If a patient has capsular contracture within the breasts, removing the affected scar tissue is the next step before taking out breast implants.

Lastly, our surgeon positions new breast implants on the chest wall before closing incisions with sutures. After the procedure, patients must wear a compression garment for several days to support the breast tissue and ensure proper healing. Typically, breast revision patients return to work after one to two weeks of recovery and may resume exercising and strenuous activities after four to six weeks.

Schedule a Breast Revision Surgery Consultation in Virginia Beach

However, the surgery offers several cosmetic and medical benefits beyond replacing older breast implants.

Ultimately, breast revision surgery is the best choice if you are unhappy with your augmentation results, want to change your initial enhancements, or have reached the point of necessary implant replacement. Reach out to Galardi | Bowen Plastic Surgery for a breast revision consultation to discuss your cosmetic goals.