When considering breast surgery, deciding on your cosmetic goals is vital for determining the best procedure for you. However, since several procedure options could achieve your goals, the first step for all patients is to schedule breast surgery consultations in Virginia Beach. As with any procedure, consultations are essential for preparing and planning the entire process.

Breast surgery consultations are the perfect time to discuss your concerns, questions, and other essential details regarding your specific treatment. Though the appointment may take longer than typical visits to the doctor, a consultation is a critical measure to ensure your health and safety throughout the cosmetic procedure process. So, call Galardi | Bowen Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation whether you are interested in hearing about all available procedures or have a specific operation in mind.

Considerations to Discuss During a Breast Surgery Consultation

Though Virginia Beach patients arrange consultations for various reasons and breast surgeries, each meeting has routine points to discuss. For instance, the first considerations are the patients cosmetic goals for the surgery and which procedures could best reach those goals. Specifically for breast surgery, possible operations to consider during a consultation include augmentation, lift, reduction, and reconstruction.

After determining the right surgical approach for a patients cosmetic goals, breast surgery consultations move on to a comprehensive evaluation of a patients medical history, including a breast exam. In addition, the surgeon may assess an individuals allergies, current medications, overall health condition, and mammogram and breast biopsy history. By reviewing the entire medical history, the surgeon could determine a patients eligibility and increased risks posed for specific breast surgeries.

If a patient qualifies for their ideal breast surgery, the next step during consultations is to go over the procedure method and techniques, as there may be several possible approaches. On the same note, the surgeon will go over the likely outcome for a specific breast procedure and the associated risks and complications that could occur. Finally, patients receive instructions to prepare for their operation, recovery timeline expectations, and post-operative care instructions.

Questions to Ask During a Breast Surgery Consultation

Beyond the routine examinations and discussions, a breast surgery consultation in Virginia Beach is the best time for patients to ask questions about the process, risks or complications, medical center, and surgeon. For instance, patients should consider discussing the licenses and certifications of their plastic surgeon and the facility where their operation will take place. More specifically, patients should ensure that their surgeon and medical facility are accredited, have the proper licenses, and have extensive training.

Lastly, breast consultations usually conclude with deciding on the best time frame for surgery and scheduling the operation. Throughout this step, patients and medical staff will discuss the specifications of medical insurance coverage and the likely price for the entire treatment process.

Schedule a Breast Surgery Consultation in Virginia Beach

Breast surgery consultations in Virginia Beach are the first step toward changing or enhancing your natural breast contours, whether you want a reduction, lift, or augmentation surgery. Though the primary purpose of consultations is to discuss procedure options and determine patient eligibility for surgery, they also give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

Further, after a breast surgery consultation, you will have a general guideline for the pre-operative and post-operative instructions critical for your health and safety. If you are considering any type of breast surgery, call Galardi | Bowen Plastic Surgery to schedule a breast surgery consultation to discuss these details in-depth with a licensed, trained surgeon.