As your breasts change due to age, weight fluctuations, or pregnancy, the nipples and areolas typically change as well. Unfortunately, this may leave you feeling less confident in your appearance. For some, these physical changes include the nipples and areolas stretching and becoming enlarged, which could result in them becoming misshapen, oversized, and asymmetrical. However, surgical correction with a nipple and areola reduction in Virginia Beach offers long-lasting solutions to these cosmetic concerns.

The operation could be simultaneous with additional breast surgery, including breast lift, augmentation, and reduction procedures. However, you may choose a standalone operation if you exclusively want areola and nipple reduction changes. Schedule a consultation at Galardi | Bowen Plastic Surgery to further discuss the procedure and possible outcomes since the best approach depends on your unique physique and cosmetic goals.

Reasons to Get Nipple and Areola Reduction Surgery

A nipple and areola reduction procedure in Virginia Beach primarily focuses on removing excess skin to reduce their sizes. A common motivation for this cosmetic change is to improve the proportions between the breasts, nipples, and areolas. Specifically, many patients feel that their areolas and nipples are too prominent for their breast size and want reduction surgery to balance proportions while remaining natural-looking.

However, areola and nipple reduction surgery could also reshape an individual’s nipples and areolas to further correct asymmetry and balance proportions. In addition, by reshaping and reducing the size of the areolas, the nipples typically appear more centered and higher on the breast. As a result, many nipple reduction patients feel that their breasts look more youthful and perky after surgery.

Lastly, reduction surgery could minimize the protrusion of nipples and areolas, which may reduce their visibility underneath specific clothing. After surgery, patients report higher confidence levels, more freedom with clothing options.

Who Should Consider a Nipple and Areola Reduction?

Though there are a few physical limitations, areola and nipple reduction surgery in Virginia Beach is typically suitable for most patients who are unhappy with their nipple size. However, for women, the procedure has longer-lasting results when performed after the breasts finish developing, which occurs during the late teens and early 20s. In addition, since pregnancy significantly changes the breasts, nipples, and areolas, it is better to have reduction surgery once an individual is done having children.

For male patients, nipple and areola reduction surgery may be necessary to correct stretching from weight fluctuations or gynecomastia, a condition that enlarges breasts. Additionally, patients of either gender who have substantially puffy or protruding nipples visible through clothing may want to consider reduction surgery. Nevertheless, any individual in Virginia Beach who dislikes the shape or size of their nipples and areolas may be suitable for a reduction procedure at Galardi | Bowen Plastic Surgery.

Call for a Nipple and Areola Reduction Consultation in Virginia Beach

Many people’s nipples and areolas alter in shape and size as their bodies change with age, pregnancy, and weight fluctuations. However, this results in asymmetrical, stretched, protruding, and misshapen nipples that cause embarrassment for many people. If you feel similarly about your nipples, consider a nipple and areola reduction in Virginia Beach.

The operation could be performed during other breast procedures or as a single operation to reduce nipple and areola size. Either way, patients feel significantly more confident in their appearance due to more youthful, proportional nipples and areolas. Get in touch with Galardi | Bowen Plastic Surgery for a consultation to determine the best treatment approach for your cosmetic goals.