For some men and women, breast tissue changes from weight loss, medical conditions, aging, and pregnancy can affect the appearance of the nipples and areolas. As a result, individuals may feel less confident in their appearance due to misshapen, asymmetrical, inverted, and disproportional nipples compared to breast contours. Fortunately, areola augmentation in Virginia Beach provides long-term corrections for these cosmetic concerns, as well as additional benefits.

In some cases, areola augmentation may occur during other breast procedures, such as augmentation. However, the operation could be a standalone procedure to enhance the areolas and nipples quickly. Call Galardi | Bowen Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation if you are unhappy with your areola’s shape, or position.

What Could Areola Augmentation Surgery Change?

Many Galardi | Bowen Plastic Surgery patients seek out areola augmentation surgery in Virginia Beach to change the size and shape of their areolas, usually because they are disproportional to the breasts. In some cases, the surgery is necessary when receiving other breast surgeries, such as reduction or augmentation surgery, to ensure proportions remain balanced and natural-looking.

Further, the operation is ideal for long-term correction of misshapen and asymmetrical areolas, which is natural and common among adults but may cause some people embarrassment. Therefore, in addition to improving the ratio of the breast skin to nipples and areolas, the surgery boosts the patient’s confidence and self-esteem.

In addition to cosmetic improvements, areola augmentation is necessary for breast reconstruction patients that need surgical nipple removal for treatment. This operation reconstructs the nipples and areolas into proportional and natural-looking sizes and shapes before positioning them on the breast mounds. Additionally, some patients may choose to combine areola augmentation with tattooing for longer-lasting enhancements.

Patient Qualifications for an Areola Augmentation

The most critical consideration when deciding if areola augmentation surgery is right for you is whether your areola size and shape cause emotional distress. Therefore, most individuals in Virginia Beach who dislike their areolas’ appearance and want to reshape or resize them are suitable for augmentation surgery.

However, the operation results are longer-lasting when female patients are done having children, and male patients can maintain a stable weight. Otherwise, additional breast changes due to pregnancy and weight gain may reverse the surgery’s effects. In addition, the procedure’s results are more effective after a woman’s breasts have fully developed, which occurs sometime during their late teens to early 20s.

Ask Our Team More About Areola Augmentation Surgery in Virginia Beach

Though most people know about changing breast shape, size, and position with plastic surgery, the same alterations are possible exclusively for the areolas. Areola augmentation in Virginia Beach focuses on reshaping and resizing the areolas to be proportional with the breasts while remaining natural-looking. As a result, patients feel more confident in their chests’ appearances after surgery when the areolas are more symmetrical, rounder, and proportionate.

For the operation, you could choose to combine areola augmentation with additional breast surgery for maximum cosmetic benefits or undergo a standalone outpatient procedure. In either case, the surgery helps ensure the areolas are the appropriate size for your breasts, symmetrical, and that they are less protruding underneath certain clothing items. Call Galardi | Bowen Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation to hear more about the procedure process, recovery expectations, and possible final results.