The typical breast shape and size changes that come with pregnancy, aging, and weight fluctuations are well-known by most women, but nipple changes are talked about less. Like the breasts, the nipples may change shape or size throughout a woman’s lifetime, but the changes could have adverse cosmetic impacts. In that case, women who want to change their nipple size for various reasons may want to consider nipple augmentation in Virginia Beach.

In addition, men could undergo nipple augmentation surgery after significant weight loss or gynecomastia treatment. The operation has several long-lasting cosmetic benefits for men and women and could help improve a patient’s self-confidence. Get in touch with Galardi | Bowen Plastic Surgery for a consultation to discuss the procedure steps and possible results depending on your unique physical characteristics and cosmetic goals.

Reasons to Consider a Nipple Augmentation Procedure

Primarily, nipple augmentation surgery enlarges the size of nipples, typically with body tissue from other areas and tattooing techniques. Therefore, the procedure is most commonly performed during other breast surgeries, such as an augmentation, lift, or reduction. Specifically, during breast surgery, nipple augmentation allows for the nipples, areolas, and breasts to become more proportionate.

However, many nipple augmentation patients in Virginia Beach undergo surgery to correct asymmetrical or misshapen nipples from genetics, body changes, or medical conditions. For instance, the surgery could enhance nipple projection to reverse inverted nipples. By doing so, many women feel more confident and less limited with clothing options.

Lastly, nipple augmentation is part of reconstruction efforts after breast cancer treatment results in the loss of nipples. The operation reconstructs the nipples and areolas for more natural-looking breasts while considering overall breast proportions.

Cosmetic Benefits of Nipple Augmentation

In addition to cosmetic improvements, nipple augmentation surgery in Virginia Beach offers more overall enhancements. Specifically, since the operation focuses on creating nipples proportional to an individual’s chest size, patients have more balanced breast skin to nipple ratios. Additionally, if nipple augmentation is combined with an additional breast procedure, our surgeons ensure that the nipples and breasts are proportional for natural-looking results.

Another cosmetic benefit of nipple augmentation is correcting nipple asymmetry, a common concern after significant breast size and shape changes for men and women. In addition, the operation could rejuvenate the breasts’ appearance by repositioning the nipples higher on the breast mound, typically a technique involved during breast lift surgery. Finally, though non-invasive dermal fillers could augment nipple size, surgical procedures offer long-lasting and more substantial results.

Learn More About Nipple Augmentation Surgery in Virginia Beach

Many women consider the cosmetic enhancements of breast surgery at some point during their lifetime, but the benefits of nipple augmentation surgery are also worth considering. In some cases, nipple augmentation is necessary for other cosmetic breast procedures, such as breast augmentation, to maintain natural-looking results. However, the operation could be for cosmetic reasons exclusive to the nipples, such as inverted or asymmetrical nipples.

In addition to female patients, nipple augmentation in Virginia Beach is excellent for male patients with cosmetic concerns regarding the nipples due to enlarged breasts or weight fluctuations. Consider nipple augmentation if you are unhappy with the look, shape, and size of your nipples and want long-term cosmetic changes. Talk to our experienced surgeons at Galardi | Bowen Plastic Surgery during a consultation if interested in the operation.