Wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin are signs of aging that everyone develops over time. However, some individuals may struggle with these concerns more prominently on their lower face, specifically around the cheeks, neck, and jawline. If so, a mini facelift in Virginia Beach is an excellent surgical option for rejuvenating your lower facial appearance.

In addition to sculpting the mid to lower face, the surgery could reduce loose skin and excess fat on the upper neck and underneath the chin. Since the surgery focuses on a smaller area of the face than a complete facelift procedure, the recovery time is shorter but enhancements for about the same length. Reach out to Galardi | Bowen Plastic Surgery for a mini facelift consultation if you are interested in hearing more about how the procedure could revitalize your appearance.

Who Could Benefit from a Mini Facelift?

Since mini facelift surgery in Virginia Beach is less invasive than a complete facelift, it is better suited for individuals with minor or moderate signs of aging and skin laxity. For example, qualifying physical attributes include early signs of jowls, visible volume loss in the cheeks, and modest amounts of sagging skin along the face, neck, and jawline. Therefore, patients of all ages may be ideal candidates for the procedure.

Ultimately, individuals unhappy with their jawline definition, cheek volume, and skin laxity may consider a mini facelift. In addition, the procedure is best for individuals hesitant about the more invasive procedure and more prolonged recovery process of a traditional facelift.

Differences Between Mini Facelift and Facelift Surgery

Like a complete facelift, a mini facelift procedure in Virginia Beach reduces jowls and loose skin around the chin, neck, and jawline. However, a mini facelift does not remove excess facial and neck fat with liposuction as its sole focus is removing sagging skin. As a result, the primary difference between a mini and full facelift is the less invasive surgical procedure since fewer cosmetic changes are necessary.

Specifically, mini facelift surgery uses smaller incisions along the hairline or above the ears to tighten the skin by pulling upward through the cheeks. This approach may be more beneficial for individuals with a history of scarring or who do not have significant amounts of excess neck and facial fat. Despite the less invasive surgical approach, mini facelift enhancements could last for several years like traditional facelift results.

Schedule a Mini Facelift Consultation in Virginia Beach to Learn More

Facelift surgery is the best method to correct signs of aging on your face and neck, but you may be wary of the risks, procedure, and recovery. Instead, a mini facelift in Virginia Beach achieves similar rejuvenating effects by removing loose, sagging skin exclusively on the neck and lower face. In addition, since there is no need for liposuction fat removal, the surgery uses smaller incisions resulting in a significantly shorter recovery period without sacrificing potential enhancements.

Specifically, a mini facelift tightens the skin, redefines the jawline, lifts and enhances your facial contours. Learn more about mini facelift surgery by scheduling a consultation with Galardi | Bowen Plastic Surgery to discuss your unique cosmetic needs and ideal results.