When it comes to facelift surgery, most people know that the primary benefits are rejuvenating your facial appearance and feeling significantly more confident in your skin. However, a male facelift in Virginia Beach provides additional benefits by taking into male-specific considerations. Our male facelift patients typically want different kinds of cosmetic enhancements, which influences our surgical approach.

Like most female facelift patients, male facelift patients note improved self-esteem and confidence after surgery. After a few weeks of recovery, your enhancements could be enjoyed for ten to 15 years after the procedure. Call Galardi | Bowen Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation to discuss the operation and how you could benefit in-depth.

Male-Specific Considerations During Facelift Surgery

Male facelift procedures have slight differences from traditional facelift surgery. Specifically, the operations take into account the physical differences, facial structure, and male-specific ideal cosmetic results. For instance, men have thicker facial skin, connective tissue, and muscles than women, which could affect surgical outcomes.

In addition, since male body fat is more fibrous than female body fat, it is slightly more difficult to remove using liposuction during facelift surgery. Another vital consideration is the male bone structure, as it is typically more prominent, which influences how the procedure alters facial fat, skin, and muscles.

Lastly, if a man has facial hair, the procedure’s incisions avoid the facial areas with hair to prevent hair loss. For instance, the incisions may be in front of the ear and along the hairline instead of behind the ear and within the hairline for female patients. Our experienced surgeons in Virginia Beach could consider these factors to achieve attractive and natural-looking results for male facelift patients.

How Could Men Benefit from a Facelift Procedure?

Generally, facelift surgery rejuvenates an individual’s appearance by reducing signs of aging. The procedure tightens the skin by trimming away excess, sagging skin and repositioning the remaining over facial contours. As a result, the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines reduce significantly, and facial features look more defined.

Though many male facelift patients intend for revitalizing enhancements, there are additional feature-enhancing techniques some may choose to incorporate. For example, a highly sought-out cosmetic improvement is jawline augmentation, since a stronger jawline is typically considered more masculine. In addition, many patients request excess fat and skin fold removal from the neck and underneath the chin to enhance the jawline further.

For some men, removing skin folds and extra fat on the neck, chin, and face may ease the process of shaving. However, the operation does not prevent new sagging skin from developing typically ten to 15 years after surgery as patients grow older.

Schedule a Male Facelift Consultation in Virginia Beach

Male facelift in Virginia Beach combines traditional facelift surgery techniques with male-specific considerations for more natural-looking, masculine results. Our surgeons consider if you want to avoid hair loss or prefer to have less visible scars for incision placement. We could also focus slightly more on jawline definition if a patient chooses.

Ultimately, male facelift surgery is an excellent choice for rejuvenating your facial appearance and improving facial contours. After the procedure, you could look younger and feel more confident in your appearance. If interested, get in touch with Galardi | Bowen Plastic Surgery for a meeting to further discuss the benefits, recovery, and procedure with an experienced surgeon.