Facelift surgery is the best option for reducing signs of aging such as wrinkles, loose skin, and fine lines. However, the operation is highly complex and significantly influenced by your unique facial anatomy and the severity of wrinkles. As a result, some facelift patients may be unhappy with their surgical enhancements, want to make additional enhancements, or need surgery to maintain facelift results.

For instance, one of the most requested changes for the operation at Galardi | Bowen Plastic Surgery is to reduce skin sagging that formed after the first procedure. However, the surgery could correct several other concerns that may arise after your first facelift surgery. In any case, if you are interested in further treatment after an initial facelift procedure, consider a revision facelift in Virginia Beach.

Routine Reasons for Revision Facelift Surgery

Revision facelift patients in Virginia Beach undergo the procedure for various reasons, including the natural deterioration of initial enhancements from aging and lifestyle habits. For example, the surgery could correct specific concerns after the first facelift operation, such as worsening under eye sagging and hollow or sunken eyes. Typically, these concerns develop due to the skin’s collagen production continuing to decline or because the skin and muscle were not tightened sufficiently during the first procedure.

In addition, facial fat may begin to droop and spread across the face again after surgery, resulting in looser skin and an aged appearance. Revision surgery could redistribute facial fat to correct these concerns and reduce signs of aging. Further, a revision facelift could correct indentations in the middle of the neck by removing excess, sagging skin and redistributing the fat.

Lastly, when the skin has too much tension due to being pulled too tightly during initial facelift surgery, it could result in pointed ear lobes and lines running parallel along your cheeks extending to the ears. Excess skin tension could also make initial facelift scars appear more prominent and adversely impact a patient’s self-confidence. Therefore, seeking revision surgery may be a viable option.

Medical and Psychological Benefits of Revision Facelift Procedures

Primarily, revision facelift procedures in Virginia Beach correct cosmetic issues regarding the skin, incision scars, or specific facial features from the previous operation. In many cases, an additional surgical procedure poses higher risks of complications and has more limitations on what it may change. However, a revision facelift is typically less extensive and has minimal complications similar to primary facelift surgery.

Therefore, the recovery time after revision facelift surgery could be noticeably shorter and less challenging than your initial facelift recovery. Further, after revision surgery, our patients report better satisfaction with their results and self-confidence. Higher confidence levels could improve a patient’s quality of life, professional opportunities, and romantic prospects.

Call Galardi | Bowen Plastic Surgery to Set Up a Revision Facelift Consultation in Virginia Beach

Though facelift surgery substantially rejuvenates your facial appearance, the operation does not prevent the natural aging process from deteriorating your results. In other cases, the results of your facelift procedure may not be what you expected or wanted due to various reasons, such as surgical complications, healing difficulties, and technical differences during surgery. If you have come to dislike your initial facelift enhancements for either reason, consider a revision facelift in Virginia Beach for additional surgical corrections.

Unlike other surgical procedures, a secondary facelift does not pose additional risks to your health or higher risks of side effects and complications. Further, due to the shorter recovery time, revision facelift results are noticeable quicker and disrupt your routine to a lesser extent. Get in touch with Galardi | Bowen Plastic Surgery to discuss your cosmetic concerns and how the procedure could fix them.