Breast augmentation is a great choice for enhancing your breast size, shape, and contours for the long term. However, before your procedure, there are several crucial decisions regarding the best surgical approach for your ideal results. One option is a fat transfer breast augmentation in Virginia Beach, which offers results that feel and look more natural than augmentation with implants.

In addition to cosmetic benefits, this breast augmentation approach’s added benefit is the reduced medical risks associated with implants. Further, since liposuction removes excess body fat for breast enhancements, your figure could look significantly slimmer. Rely on Galardi | Bowen Plastic Surgery for to perform great work with great results.

Surgical Process for Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer

Breast augmentation using a fat transfer in Virginia Beach utilizes liposuction for breast size, shape, and contour enhancements. Therefore, after general anesthesia administration, small incisions on target treatment areas for fat removal are necessary. From these, liposuction cannula tubes liquefy and remove fat cells from the body before they undergo purification for reinjection afterward.

Once the excess fat is purified syringes containing it are strategically inserted within the breasts. For this step, tiny incisions may be necessary around the breasts for achieving a patient’s ideal size and shape changes. If so, the last surgical step is to close liposuction and breast incisions with sutures.

After surgery, our patients typically need one to three days of recovery before resuming light activities, a significantly shorter period than breast implant augmentation patients. However, the entire recovery process may take several weeks before side effects subside entirely.

Benefits of Fat Transfer for Breast Augmentation

A fat transfer for breast augmentation has several cosmetic and medical benefits compared to surgery with implants. Most notably, fat transfer breast augmentation patients in Virginia Beach have results that feel and look more natural regarding breast size and contours. However, this approach is best for subtle breast size increases, typically by about one bra cup size.

Another substantial advantage of fat transfer for breast augmentation is the slimming effects in areas where liposuction removes excess body fat. Typically, target body areas for this surgical step include the thighs, hips, abdomen, and buttocks. As a result, the surgery could significantly enhance a patient’s overall body contours and proportions for a shapelier appearance.

Lastly, using fat transfer for augmentation reduces unnecessary medical complications associated with breast implants. For example, capsular contracture, or painful hardened scar tissue, may form around implants. In addition, breast implants may rupture, but breast augmentation with a fat transfer avoids these potential complications.

Reach Out for More Information on Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Surgery in Virginia Beach

Fat transfer breast augmentation in Virginia Beach is the best approach for subtly enhancing your breast size while maintaining natural-looking and feeling breasts. Though your body may absorb small amounts of the reinjected fat within the breasts, the enhancements are long-lasting without the risk of unnecessary health complications. In addition, a fat transfer approach has minimal risk of scarring afterward, unlike augmentation surgery using breast implants.

However, it is essential to remember that breast augmentation surgery does not stop aging, so breasts continue to age naturally afterward. Call Galardi | Bowen Plastic Surgery to learn more about the benefits and possible results of breast augmentation surgery using fat transfer. We’ll take care of you from start to finish.