One of the primary causes of fine lines, skin folds, and wrinkles is a declining production of collagen, the protein responsible for maintaining your skin’s structure. This, in addition to less elastin production resulting in decreased skin elasticity, could lead to the skin looking older and tired. Fortunately, Galardi | Bowen Plastic Surgery offers one of the most effective cosmetic treatments for restoring a healthy, youthful appearance to your skin: PRP microneedling in Virginia Beach.

The non-surgical procedure combines the benefits of traditional microneedling treatments with the various health benefits of platelet-rich plasma created from your blood. Though patients need several treatment sessions like with traditional microneedling, PRP microneedling patients typically have more noteworthy skin improvements and fewer side effects after treatment. Book yours at our Salt Spa & Wellness Center.

How is PRP Microneedling Unique?

Like traditional microneedling treatments, PRP microneedling involves creating micro-injuries in the skin by rolling a specialized tool containing tiny needles across the skin. In response to the micro-injuries, the skin stimulates new elastin and collagen production in addition to healthy skin cell growth to replace damaged cells. Thus, as healthy skin replaces areas minimally damaged during treatment, a patient’s wrinkles, fine lines, scarring, and loose skin reduce.

Further, patients may customize their microneedling treatment by adjusting the needles’ depth, size, and flexibility to penetrate the skin at various depths. By doing so, the procedure targets different cosmetic concerns, such as more severe scarring, which requires more collagen production for correction.

However, PRP microneedling treatments in Virginia Beach offer more profound skin improvements due to the growth factor proteins found in the blood. For this technique, a minimal amount of a patient’s blood undergoes centrifugation to separate the platelets from the blood and concentrates them into the plasma. After the microneedling portion of treatment, our esthetician applies either a PRP topical ointment or PRP injections across treatment areas before a soothing balm or serum.

Advantages of Combining PRP with Microneedling

Since PRP products contain a concentration of essential platelets and growth factors, they stimulate healthy cell reproduction and tissue regeneration in treatment areas. As a result, PRP topicals or injections further stimulate and quicken the body’s natural healing process of treatment areas. For microneedling specifically, combining PRP products with the treatment typically minimizes the severity of side effects and speeds up the recovery period.

Thus, our PRP microneedling patients in Virginia Beach often have significantly less swelling, redness, and skin irritation after treatment than traditional microneedling patients. In addition, research on microneedling with PRP has shown that it significantly improves surgical and acne scarring more than conventional microneedling treatments. Typically, patients need between three and six treatments for best results.

Call to Arrange a PRP Microneedling Appointment in Virginia Beach

If you are debating between the various cosmetic treatments for stimulating collagen, consider the advantages of PRP microneedling in Virginia Beach. Though the skin improvements are similar to traditional microneedling, the addition of PRP injections or ointment quickens your recovery and enhances results further. In addition, since PRP comes from your own blood, it poses fewer risks and complications, such as infections during the recovery process.

However, some skin conditions and medical history specifics may limit your eligibility for PRP microneedling. Get in touch with Galardi | Bowen Plastic Surgery to schedule an appointment to discuss your treatment goals and whether the procedure is the best choice for you.