Despite breast augmentation’s popularity, some patients decide to remove their breast implants for various cosmetic and medical reasons. However, the effects on a patient’s natural breast tissue from removing breast implants are lesser-known than the enhancements from augmentation surgery. For some patients, the long-lasting physical impacts from breast implants may require surgical breast repair after implant removal in Virginia Beach.

Repairing the breasts after implant removal surgery most often involves a breast lift procedure to reshape and restore the breasts’ shape. Regardless, various considerations could affect a patient’s natural breast tissue and skin, and, subsequently, influence the best surgical approach for repairs. Book a consultation at Galardi | Bowen Plastic Surgery to discuss your options.

Why Might Breast Implant Removal be Necessary?

Women choose to remove their breast implants for various cosmetic and medical reasons, including visible breast changes due to implant rupture, shifting, or hardening. In addition, for some patients, external damage or scar tissue formation within the breasts may result in implant size and shape changes, leading to skin rippling, sagging, and declining breast volume. However, some patients choose to remove their implants due to changing physical preferences or lifestyle habits, such as engaging in more exercise, which more prominent implants may hinder.

Breast implants may need removal due to medical complications, such as implant leaks or ruptures, but these concerns are rare. Typically, breast repair procedures in Virginia Beach after removing implants focus on removing hardened and sometimes painful scar tissue in the breasts that developed after the augmentation surgery. In addition, most women who undergo the procedure require minor to moderate breast repairs after surgical implant removal.

Surgical Options for Breast Repairs After Implant Removal

For most augmentation patients, removing their breast implants decreases breast volume, creates excess loose skin, and worsens breast sagging. Therefore, the typical procedure choice in Virginia Beach for breast repairs after implant removal is a breast lift to reshape and reposition the breasts, ultimately restoring volume and a youthful appearance. The surgeon tightens and reshapes the natural breast tissue during the operation to create rounder, more voluminous breasts after tissue deflation from implant pressure.

In addition, a breast lift procedure removes loose, excess skin that results from implants stretching the breasts, which reduces breast sagging from aging and the extra weight of implants. For some, a breast lift may also reduce the size of stretched areolas and nipples while additionally repositioning them on the breasts to ensure natural-looking results. However, Virginia Beach patients with smaller implant sizes and those who undergo implant removal sooner after augmentation surgery may not need breast repairs beyond scar tissue removal if breast skin and tissue stretching are not severe.

Call for an Implant Removal and Breast Repair Surgery Consultation in Virginia Beach

Though breast implants could make noteworthy enhancements to your chest, removing them may result in long-term cosmetic impacts, especially if you had larger implants for an extended period. Therefore, when most patients choose to remove their implants without replacing them, they also undergo surgery for breast repair after implant removal in Virginia Beach. Most often, since implants may cause significant skin stretching, resulting in loose skin after removal, a breast lift is the typical choice for repairs.

Further, breast lift surgery restores volume loss created by excess compression on natural tissue from implants to reduce visible breast deflation. However, not all patients need significant breast repairs after implant removal, and instead may only require minor scar tissue removal. For a better idea of what to expect after removing your breast implants, get in touch with Galardi | Bowen Plastic Surgery.