Exercising and following a healthy diet are excellent ways to lose weight and improve muscle tone, strength, and definition. However, these healthy lifestyle habits do not correct loose, sagging skin that forms due to weight loss or aging. Individuals with significant skin laxity or excess fat on their thighs should consider an inner thigh lift in Virginia Beach to tighten their thighs.

Though the procedure requires several weeks of surgery, the enhancements are long-lasting and could significantly boost your self-confidence. After surgery, maintaining your results simply requires preventing additional weight gain and fluctuations. Schedule a consultation with Galardi | Bowen Plastic Surgery if you struggle with loose, sagging skin and want to redefine your body contours.

Possible Enhancements from Inner Thigh Lift Surgery

The primary objective of inner thigh lift surgery is to reshape the thighs and enhance body contours. The inner thigh lift is the most prevalent type of thigh lift procedure in Virginia Beach, and focuses on enhancing the thighs between the groin extending toward the knee. In some cases, the surgery may expand the treatment area to include the back of the thighs.

The surgery trims away excess, sagging skin on the inner thighs to achieve cosmetic improvements. In addition, if there is extra body fat in this area, liposuction techniques liquefy and remove the fat cells from the thighs. After necessary fat and skin removal, the surgeon repositions the skin to tighten it over muscle contours to enhance definition afterward.

A notable advantage of an inner thigh lift procedure at Galardi | Bowen Plastic Surgery is that scars are easily hidden underneath clothing, which may be preferable for some patients. In addition, in some cases, scars may be primarily located near the groin, further hiding scars with clothing.

Considerations Before and After an Inner Thigh Lift Procedure

The most important consideration before an inner thigh lift procedure in Virginia Beach is cosmetic goals after surgery. Specifically, since the operation targets excess fat and skin only, patients may want to improve muscle tone before the surgery for more attractive results. However, if patients predominantly struggle with loose skin and a moderate amount of excess thigh fat, they are suitable inner thigh lift candidates.

Though it may take several months for inner thigh lift results to finalize after surgery, the enhancements could be life-long. However, future weight gain, weight fluctuations, and skin laxity continuing to decline may reverse the results. Therefore, patients may want to consider engaging in regular exercise, following a balanced diet, quitting smoking, and reducing sun exposure to preserve surgical results.

Get in Touch for an Inner Thigh Lift Consultation in Virginia Beach

Not achieving visible results after regular exercise and dieting may be discouraging. However, many people struggle with enhancing their body contours due to loose or sagging skin, which needs cosmetic surgical correction. Therefore, if you have moderate amounts of excess fat and skin on your thighs exclusively, consider an inner thigh lift in Virginia Beach.

In addition to improving the skin’s appearance on the thighs, a supplementary benefit is smoothening the skin. After the procedure, our patients report more self-confidence, especially when wearing tight-fitting and revealing clothing items such as athletic gear or bathing suits. Get in touch with Galardi | Bowen Plastic Surgery for a consultation to discuss the procedure in-depth, your cosmetic goals, and whether you are a suitable candidate.