An outer thigh lift tightens and lifts the area of the hips where people tend to pack on a little extra weight. The excess weight can stretch the skin, causing a sagging appearance, but a thigh lift can fix that.

It is time to toss your swimsuit covers and knee-length shorts. Get that swimsuit you have been eyeballing, buy those short shorts you thought were not suitable for you, grab the yoga pants, and get an outer thigh lift at Galardi | Bowen Plastic Surgery. Outer thigh lift in Virginia Beach will get you ready for beautiful beaches and sunny days.

What is an Outer Thigh Lift?

An outer thigh lift involves the removal of excess skin and fat from the outside of the thigh. The surgery contours the body and leaves the skin smooth and with reduced wrinkles and dimples. Improvement is usually significant and considered permanent. However, changes in weight and the aging process can alter the surgical results. Some Virginia Beach clients may choose a revision years after their outer thigh lift.

Determining if a Thigh Lift is Right for You

An outer thigh lift is ideal for patients who have excess skin on their outer thighs. The targeted area is often referred to as “saddlebags” and is prone to store fatty tissue. Excess skin in this area is often a result of rapid weight fluctuations that can occur with pregnancy or rapid weight loss. However, sometimes age is all it takes to cause an unwanted drooping appearance.

A patient may choose to have an outer thigh lift done in conjunction with liposuction to help contour the thighs even more. Candidates for outer thigh lifts should be at their ideal weight and be able to maintain it. They should also have generally good health and not smoke. If patients are unsure if an outer thigh lift is what they are looking for, they can direct questions to our team in Virginia Beach.

What to Expect During the Procedure

The first consultation will go over expected results and determine if an outer thigh lift surgery is the best option to achieve patient satisfaction. Our doctors will provide the patient with necessary instruction in preparation for their procedure and aftercare.

The outer thigh lift procedure is performed at a convenient Virginia Beach outpatient surgical center, where patient comfort is a top priority. An anesthesiologist will administer general anesthesia, so the patient is asleep during the entire procedure. Afterward, the patient can go home and recover but should have a ride as they will likely feel groggy from anesthesia.

Call our Virginia Beach Office to Learn More about an Outer Thigh Lift

If you are frustrated because exercise and diet are not yielding results, an outer thigh lift might be a good fit for you. Our skilled team at Galardi | Bowen Plastic Surgery will meet with you, answer all your questions, and ensure an outer thigh lift is the right option for the look you have been chasing after. Do not spend another season shopping to cover up your thighs. Outer thigh lift in Virginia Beach offers the potential for self-confidence that all those squats simply cannot do.  Call today to schedule your consultation.