Most people know that a decline in elastin and collagen production contributes to the common signs of aging skin as you get older. A lesser-known contributing factor to aging signs and several other physical changes is a decrease in NAD+ generation. This co-enzyme is a vital component of maintaining your health as it helps create energy for your cells to function healthily.

As NAD+ co-enzymes decline with age, there are numerous effects on your physical and cognitive health, including a slower metabolism and various consequences of aging. You could combat the impacts of aging on your cognitive abilities, physical function, and cosmetic appearance with NAD+ in Virginia Beach. For more information on this non-invasive treatment and its benefits, call our office for an in-person consultation.

How NAD+ is Critical for the Bod

NAD+ co-enzymes have two primary responsibilities for maintaining several physical functions, and, as with other critical components, the body produces less of it with age. These co-enzymes are essential for helping cells transform nutrients into energy for the metabolism and assisting proteins responsible for regulating certain cellular functions. So, when NAD+ levels begin to decline, an individual may develop:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Wrinkles
  • Excess fat accumulation
  • Brain fog
  • Internal tissue inflammation

Since NAD+ enzymes are critical for the health of every bodily function, patients undergoing NAD+ IV therapy in Virginia Beach have significant health improvements afterward. In addition to the physical benefits of NAD+ treatments, patients have improved cognitive abilities after treatment, which often positively impacts multiple other areas of their lives.

NAD+ IV Therapy Treatment Details

NAD+ treatments in Virginia Beach are entirely non-invasive and similar to traditional IV therapy as it delivers a concentrated amount of the co-enzyme directly into your bloodstream. The frequency of treatments varies between patients, but generally, starting NAD+ IV therapy with a weekly transfusion is recommended. After the introduction series of NAD+ treatments, most patients undergo treatments every two to three weeks until effects wear off, unless they are managing a chronic condition in which weekly appointments are still best.

A primary advantage for many patients is boosting the metabolism, which helps individuals lose weight after treatment since a higher metabolism burns more fat. In addition, increasing NAD+ in your system slows down the cells’ aging process while stimulating cell regeneration, which could result in fine line and wrinkle reduction. NAD+ patients often report feeling notably more energetic while seeing quicker fat loss and firmer skin naturally over time, making them appear younger and boosting confidence.

Another notable advantage of NAD+ IV therapy is improved cognitive functioning, including better memory function, increased mental clarity, and less difficulty concentrating. The treatment could also reduce chronic fatigue and promote cell regeneration to minimize tissue inflammation, resulting in quicker wound healing.

Get in Touch for an NAD+ Consultation in Virginia

A critical component to your physical and mental health is NAD+ co-enzymes that help your cells work correctly and keep them healthy, but unfortunately, the body produces less of it with age. Due to the widespread need for NAD+ in the body, the natural decline in production could result in various and significant impacts on physical functioning, cognitive abilities, and appearance.

After undergoing a few NAD+ IV treatments, you could feel more energetic and look younger, along with feeling better physically overall. As a result, NAD+ patients typically report improved psychological well-being and general quality of life. Contact our office to schedule a consultation to learn more about the health and cosmetic benefits of NAD+ IV therapy from a licensed professional.