Why a Facelift is Better Than Fillers

Though nonsurgical treatments like dermal fillers are becoming more popular each year, in many ways they still fall short of the antiaging results you can achieve with a facelift. Facelifts are still the gold standard in creating a more youthful-looking appearance and for good reason.

Better Treatment for Severe Aging

Though fillers can replace fat that is missing from cheeks or lips, they can’t do anything to tighten skin. During a facelift, Galardi | Bowen Plastic Surgery can remove excess skin or loose skin around the jowls. This alone can help redefine your jawline and chin, taking years off your appearance.

Facelifts can also do much more to treat more severe signs of aging, such as deeper wrinkles and very loose skin. Fillers can help tighten some loose skin by adding volume, but for older women, it may not be enough to help with etched lines or folds.

You, Only Younger

During a facelift, you benefit from the judgment and experience of a plastic surgeon who knows what he’s doing. Galardi | Bowen Plastic Surgery can hide facelift incisions and understands where to place skin and tissue for a more natural-looking, smoother appearance.

However, when you are using fillers, it can be easy to overdo it without realizing it, especially as you grow older. Overuse of fillers can quickly lead to an unnatural look, even making you look swollen or too round.

Save Costs in the Long Run

While Botox and fillers may seem like the cheaper option at first, maintaining these results over the years can get expensive. You may need touch-ups every few months, depending on the type of fillers you use and where you receive filler treatment.

Even though a facelift is a surgery, it can end up being cheaper long-term since results last for seven to 10 years without the need for touch-ups. It is a single cost instead of spreading the cost out over the years.

One and Done

While a facelift does have a longer recovery time, it takes fewer appointments than Botox or fillers; typically a consultation, the surgery, and a few follow-up appointments to monitor your healing. Meanwhile, fillers may require two or more appointments each year. You may end up saving time by opting for a facelift instead of the nonsurgical treatments.

At Galardi | Bowen Plastic Surgery, we offer beautiful results from facelifts. Our experienced team can help you achieve the younger-looking appearance you desire and help you enjoy your new look for years to come. Contact us today at (757) 496-5556 to schedule your consultation.