Which Facelift is Best for You?

Thanks to advances in cosmetic procedures, you have many choices to achieve a natural, younger-looking appearance. More than ever, you can customize your facelift to fit your needs, desires, budget, and more.

Learn more about the different types of facelifts to decide which is right for you.

Liquid Facelift

A liquid facelift uses collagen and hyaluronic acid injections like Juvederm to add volume to your face. You can add rounder cheeks, fuller lips, and even smooth out frown lines. You can also use Botox to smooth out wrinkles around your forehead and eyes.

This facelift is the least invasive, but offers only temporary results (a few months). It is also limited in what it can achieve. For instance, a liquid facelift won’t get rid of lose skin around the jawline (jowls).

Liquid Facelift with Liposuction

To solve jowls without a full facelift, you can add liposuction to your liquid facelift. Liposuction removes fat from the jawline area, helping it appear more sculpted and tight. Liposuction is a quick procedure using just a 3 millimeter hole. It is less expensive than a full facelift and has a faster recovery. Liposuction shouldn’t need repeated for five to 10 years.

Mini Lift

A mini lift is perfect for people with minor signs of aging who don’t want to have to keep up maintenance appointments required for a liquid facelift. During this surgical procedure, the fat in your face is lifted up higher onto the cheekbones and away from the jaw. The fat is sutured into place.

Mini lifts still require a few hours to complete and a two to three week recovery. It should have minimal scarring that is hidden behind the folds of your ears. It also offers long lasting results; you will not need a touch-up for five to 10 years.

Full Facelift

A full facelift is the most comprehensive procedure and is perfect for people with many signs of aging such as jowls, flat cheeks and a sagging neck. Using incisions hidden behind the ears and in your hairline, a plastic surgeon can remove excess fat and lift tissues. The procedure takes several hours, but should provide natural-looking results. It may be four weeks before you feel comfortable with your results, as the procedure will result in swelling and bruising.

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