Things to Know About Recovering From a Facelift

A facelift is an amazing surgery to help reduce sagging skin and help you appear naturally younger. However, it is a surgery, which means it does have some recovery time.

Before you undergo a facelift, you should understand what your recovery will entail and how you can ensure you get the best results possible.

You’ll Look Temporarily Bruised

For weeks after your facelift surgery, your face may be bruised and swollen, especially along the outside edges. This is completely normal as your skin and tissues heal from surgery.

Most bruising and swelling will start to get better about a week after surgery, but it may take a couple more weeks before these signs of healing go away completely.

You’ll Have Bandages and Drains

After your surgery, you will also have surgical dressings or bandages around your face. You may also have small tubes (drains) going into your face. This tubes allow extra fluid and blood to leave your face, helping with the healing process.

The day after your surgery, your doctor will give you new bandages in a follow-up appointment. They may also remove the drains.

You May Need Pain Medicines

Again, a facelift is a surgery, which may mean some pain during recovery. Your plastic surgeon will give you pain medicines before you leave the surgery center to help you stay comfortable. Most people can stop taking pain medicines after a few days.

You’ll Need Time Off Work

Because of bruising, bandages, drains, and pain, you’ll need to take at least a week away from work to recover after your surgery. You may even need longer. While a week after your surgery you can return to light housework, we recommend you rest and relax as much as possible. You don’t want to stress yourself out or strain, which may be uncomfortable and affect your results.

You’ll See Final Results a Month After Surgery

Typically a month after surgery, swelling and bruising are gone or nearly gone. You’ll be able to see your surgery results and return to all your normal activities with no worries.

To maintain your results, you should use sunscreen year-round. You should also avoid smoking or drinking large amounts of alcohol. Facelift results should last for 7-10 years.

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