Satisfied Patient

I had a nice beauty mark appear between my cheek and nostril in my 20s, the kind people used to pencil on to look fashionable. At first, it looked nice in pictures and I didn’t mind seeing it on my face. Over time, by my 30s, the once nice looking beauty mark slowly turned into a large, unsightly, wart-like mole. I began to hate looking in the mirror or having my picture taken. For years I was unhappy at what I saw looking back at me. This was a purely cosmetic issue, as the mole was harmless, but Dr. Garlardi did an absolutely phenomenal job for a very reasonable price. After a quick, 5-10 minute procedure, the mole was gone. Now, the scar is nearly invisible (and hidden by my smile lines) and I no longer feel bad looking in the mirror or having my picture taken. Dr. Galardi was a Godsend. I was very, very pleased at the professional work he performed. I would happily recommend his services.