Should I Get a Nose Job?

Changing your appearance is a very personal decision. It can also be an extremely difficult decision to make, especially when it affects the face you see in the mirror every morning.

Many patients who are interested in a nose job have a lot of questions about what the procedure will mean for their appearance, what recovery is like and the risks involved. At Galardi | Bowen Plastic Surgery, we want to ensure that you are comfortable and confident in your decision to have rhinoplasty (a nose job). We’ve compiled this list of questions you should ask both yourself and your surgeon before undergoing surgery.

What Happens During Surgery?

It’s important to remember that plastic surgery is still surgery. You should understand how the surgery will work, what the recovery time is like and what risks are involved. Early in your consultation process, you should ask these questions.

Nose jobs generally have beautiful outcomes after healing is complete. You should have no visible scarring. Remember that since your nose is a prominent feature of your face, your appearance may be greatly changed by a nose job.

Why Do You Want a Nose Job?

You should only undergo rhinoplasty because you want it. Other people’s opinions don’t matter when it comes to deciding to have surgery. You should ask yourself why you want a nose job and what benefits you feel it will have for your life. Share your thoughts and goals with your surgeon to ensure you are on the same page. Remember that plastic surgery cannot change your life; only you can gain the confidence to make big changes.

What Do You Want Your Nose to Look Like?

You are going to get better plastic surgery results if you can tell your surgeon exactly what you want to be changed. Do you want your nose to be smaller, straighter, less bumpy? Work with your surgeon to decide on what you want your nose to look like and set realistic expectations.

Are You Healthy Enough for Surgery?

The best candidates for nose jobs have reached skeletal maturity (usually age 16 or older), eat healthy foods, exercise regularly and don’t smoke. Your surgeon may have other questions about your health or want to run other tests before approving you for surgery. These tests assure that surgery is a safe choice for you.

Galardi | Bowen Plastic Surgery has years of experience performing safe, advanced rhinoplasty procedures and providing beautiful, natural-looking results. He has guided hundreds of patients through the process for rhinoplasty, helping them plan for a great surgery and recovery.

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