Regain Your Confidence With Breast Augmentation

How plastic surgery can improve how you look and feel

Pregnancy, nursing, aging, weight gain or even weight loss can all affect how your breasts look. You may find as the years go by that the volume in your breasts has changed, leaving them looking smaller or flatter. For instance, when you are younger, your breasts may have equal amounts of tissue all around your nipple. But as you get older, most of that tissue might be in the lower half of your breast, leaving the top part of your breast flat.

Many women experience changes in their breasts and may even feel less confident in themselves and in their bodies due to breast changes. But plastic surgery can help change the appearance of your breasts so you can regain your confidence and feel as great as you look.

How Breast Augmentation Boosts Confidence

During breast augmentation, your plastic surgeon can add volume to different parts of your breasts. They may add implants that helps your breasts look larger or even changes the shape of your breasts. They might help you have better cleavage by placing implants closer to the center of your chest. They can even use your own fat tissue to improve volume in the top half of your breast.

If you have asymmetrical breasts, which is very common, your surgeon can even help your breasts look more symmetrical. They can use implants to ensure both breasts are the same shape and size and that your nipples are in the same place on the breast tissue.

Your surgeon can even combine a breast augmentation with a breast lift. During this procedure, your surgeon can move your current breast tissue higher onto your chest while adding in extra tissue, either from another area on your body or by using an implant. A breast lift can give you a younger profile and may be especially helpful for women who have been pregnant in the past.

All of these changes allow you to get the breasts you want and even balance out your proportions so you have the contours you desire. Breast augmentation can be highly personalized, from the size of implants, to the shape of implants, to where implants are placed. Your breasts can look amazing, both in and out of clothes, so that you feel amazing.

And that’s how your confidence gets boosted. In fact, more than 80 percent of women who undergo breast augmentation report a boost in confidence and self-esteem. They report a better body image and feeling better about themselves both at work and in their personal lives. All because they have improved proportions, a younger profile and warmer feelings about their breasts and bodies.

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