Plastic Surgery By Season

For every plastic surgery, there is a season that’s best to have it done. Picking the right season for your surgery can help you have better results and an easier recovery. If you’re thinking about plastic surgery, find out when it’s best for you to go under the knife.


Winter is actually the best time for almost any plastic surgery. Bulky layers and long sleeves can help you keep bandages and swelling covered as you heal. Scarves and turtlenecks can even help cover up facelift work. By the time warmer weather and shorter sleeves come around, you’ll have your final results and be ready to show them off all summer long.

Avoiding sunlight is also important for your healing. In the winter, it’s much easier to avoid the sun’s rays, though you should still wear sunscreen.


Love winter sports, but not a big fan of other outdoor activities? Spring may be the next best time for your cosmetic surgery. It also gives you a chance to lose holiday weight so you can have the best results possible from your surgery. You may still be able to wear bulkier clothing and with children still in school, you may have more time to rest at home.

Keep in mind in a warmer climate like Hampton Roads that shorts and tank top weather arrive early. It can take weeks for swelling or bruising to go away completely. That may mean being covered up even as the temperature rises.


Because of all the sunshine and heat, summer is not a great time for plastic surgery. Still, it might work best for you if that’s the only time you can take a vacation from work. Unfortunately, you’ll have to stay inside with the air conditioning to ensure the best results. Heat and sunshine can make swelling worse, prolonging your healing.

Instead of major cosmetic procedures, you can use the summer for more minor treatments like Botox or fillers.


Fall often has the same advantages of winter bulkier clothing, cooler weather, and less sun. You’ll also have had plenty of time over the summer for great diet and exercise, enhancing the results of procedures like body contouring. You’ll likely be healed and ready to celebrate the holidays with your new look.

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