Myths About Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

Brazilian butt lifts are becoming more and more popular. These cosmetic surgeries help enhance the shape and size of the butt, making it rounder and fuller using fat from other areas of the body.

But the surgery is also subject to many myths. If you are considering butt lift surgery, it’s important you understand the facts so you can make an informed decision.

Myth 1: Butt Lift Surgery is Dangerous

Unfortunately, this myth is fed by news stories about fake surgeons performing butt lift procedures that cause serious harm. But when performed by a licensed, board-certified plastic surgeon, butt lift surgery carries the same risks as other plastic surgeries, such as breast augmentation. When performed by a trained and experienced professional, it is very safe with a low risk of complications.

Myth 2: Butt Lifts Only Look Good on Certain Bodies

Again, an experienced plastic surgeon knows how to make butt lifts look natural and deliver the results you want. Whether you are petite or tall, naturally curvy or a more athletic build, butt lift surgeries can be tailored to make your body look great. Even thin women have enough fat cells to transfer to the butt to get the fuller shape they desire.

Myth 3: You Have to Stay the Same Weight After a Butt Lift

Because butt lifts use fat from your own body, those fat cells will act naturally. If you gain weight, the fat cells in your butt will grow larger. If you lose weight, fat cells in your butt with grow smaller. This helps keep your butt lift proportional to your body even as your body goes through changes.

Myth 4: Your Butt Will Feel Fake

Unlike breast augmentation, butt lifts don’t use silicone or saline products to add mass; they use your body’s own fat cells. Fortunately, this means your butt will feel like your butt did before; only bigger and rounder.

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