Is Winter The Best Season For Plastic Surgery Recovery?

When you think winter, you may not think of plastic surgery. But the colder months may be the best time for making big changes to your body especially if you want to do it discreetly.

At Galardi | Bowen Plastic Surgery in Virginia Beach, we see hundreds of patients every winter for everything from chemical peels to tummy tucks, breast augmentation to body contouring. Our winter patients use the cold, cloudy days to their advantage to have a great recovery.

Bulky Layers Hide Bandages

In the winter months, everyone wears bulkier clothes and more layers. These clothes can help cover up bandages you may have after your procedure and even hide swelling. In the summer months in Virginia Beach, it would be odd to wear long sleeves and long pants. But in the winter, you can cover up for weeks without worry.

Easier to Take Time Off Work

Some procedures, like chemical peels, require a few days off of work. Others, like liposuction, can require up to a week off work. In winter, it’s not unusual for someone to get sick and miss a lot of work. Depending on your industry, it may even be a slower time of the year, making it an ideal time to miss out on a little work while you recover at home.

There’s also simply less to do in the winter. The beach is full of activities in the warmer months, but you’ll be less tempted to be active when it is icy and cold.

Less Sunshine to Affect Healing

Some spa treatments, like chemical peels or microdermabrasion, require that you protect your skin from sunlight while you heal. The cloudy days of winter make it much easier to avoid UV light and have the best results.

School is in Session

If you have children, it can be hard to take care of them while recovering from plastic surgery. But during the wintertime, children are in school during the day, giving you more time to relax and recover safely.

Ready to Flaunt It By May

The best part of choosing winter for plastic surgery procedures is that by the time the warm months roll around, you are ready to flaunt your new body. You should have no remaining swelling or bruising and any scars should be fading. When it is time for tank tops and bikinis, you’ll be ready.

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