Importance of Natural-Looking Outcomes of Plastic Surgery

Many people fear plastic surgery because of terrible results they’ve seen online or on television. But the truth is that with an expert, well-trained, experienced cosmetic surgeon, unnatural looking results are rare. A great surgeon knows exactly how to keep your results looking natural so you feel beautiful and confident.

Your cosmetic surgeon will consider the following factors to determine how to create natural-looking results for you:

Your Proportions

Keeping your face or body in proportion is absolutely vital to great results. When designing your surgery, whether it is rhinoplasty or breast augmentation, your surgeon must take into account your proportions. Breast augmentation using implants that are too large will make you look too top-heavy. A nose that is too small will disappear into your face after rhinoplasty.

Your surgeon will also need to decide how much tissue to remove during procedures such as liposuction, face lift, blepharoplasty (eyelid lift) or neck lift. While some people think in a procedure like a tummy tuck you should remove as much fat as possible, the truth is that surgeons need to balance your contours. If they take too much tissue out, you’ll appear strangely shaped and unnaturally flat. In a face lift, neck lift or blepharoplasty, if they remove too much skin, your skin will look stretched and unnatural. Plastic surgery is all about achieving the correct balance in your appearance.

A cosmetic surgeon understands your proportions and how to achieve the new proportions you want, whether on your face or your body. They will help guide you when planning your surgery so you know what to expect.

Surgical Techniques

Your cosmetic surgeon also has to consider what surgical techniques are best for your body, where to make incisions and what tissue to use. Some surgeries can use your own tissue, such during a Brazilian butt lift that uses fat from other areas of your body, or implants to create new contours in your body. Your surgeon has to decide which technique is best for you depending on how much tissue you need to achieve the right proportions and results.

Tissue Placement

Your surgeon also has to carefully consider placement of any injections, implants or tissues. When performing a face lift, they need to move tissues up in your face to the right spot. During a Brazilian butt lift, they have to inject fat into the right areas of your butt for a smooth, well-contoured appearance. The correct placement of any tissue makes your results look very natural and comfortable.

Your surgeon should be board-certified and well-versed in all the different techniques they can use to give you the results they want. They should tell you what techniques they plan to use in your specific surgery and what that means for your appearance.

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