How to Prepare for a Smooth Recovery After Plastic Surgery

A great recovery from plastic surgery is vital for getting the best results possible. Before your surgery, you can take steps to get yourself, your home, and your family ready for a smooth recovery process.

Get Your Home Ready

How much you can move depends on what type of surgery you have. For instance, if you are having breast augmentation, you won’t be able to reach up high for a few weeks. You should follow your surgeon’s instructions to prepare your home for the best recovery possible. This might include:

  • Put frequently used items within easy arm’s reach
  • Create a comfortable space to relax and rest, in your bedroom or living room on the first level of your home
  • Clean the house so you won’t need to after surgery
  • Mow the lawn or take care of other lawn maintenance so you can just relax during recovery

Find Help

You may need help from others with certain tasks, like walking the dog, babysitting the kids, or cooking dinner. Find friends or family members who can help you for a week or two as you recover from surgery. You can create a calendar to organize efforts and help everyone understand how they can help.

You’ll also need someone to take you home from your procedure and stay with you for 24-48 hours. Line up this person ahead of time so you aren’t scrambling on surgery day.

Gather Supplies

You may need to pick up a few items before your surgery to make recovery easier and more comfortable. Supplies may include:

  • Prescription medicines
  • Ice packs
  • Bandages
  • Clothes that button up the front instead of going over your head
  • Other loose-fitting and comfortable clothing
  • Groceries and easy-to-cook meals
  • Home goods like toilet paper
  • Disposable silverware, cups and plates
  • Movies, books, or other forms of entertainment
  • Extra pillows to lift your head
  • A reacher-grabber for items on the floor or above your head

Your surgeon and their staff can help you know what, if any, medical supplies you should have at home after surgery.

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