Has the Pandemic Caused a Boom in Plastic Surgery?

Why More People Are Seeking Out Cosmetic Surgery

Over the past 10 months as the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted people across the globe, plastic surgeons have seen an increase in demand for their services. Plastic surgeons in Hampton Roads and across the country are reporting a 20 to 25% increase in demand for their services and find that they have appointments booked out for months.

Though it might not seem like it at first, this may be an ideal time for plastic surgery for a few different reasons:

Bigger Bank Accounts

If you are fortunate enough to still have work at this time, you might find that you are spending far less and saving a lot more. Without trips to movies, restaurants, concerts and vacations, you might be seeing a huge increase in the balance of your bank accounts. Any additional stimulus checks can also help you save up.

Many people are deciding to use the extra cash on cosmetic surgery. They wouldn’t usually have enough to pay for surgery, but now find themselves with the money saved for Botox, a breast augmentation or a facelift. Paying for surgery also helps stimulate the economy by helping cover the costs of medical supplies, equipment and paychecks for office staff at your plastic surgeon’s office.

Plenty of Down Time

With everyone stuck at home, there is also far more time to spend sitting on the couch and recovering from surgery. You’ll also be away from a lot of people’s eyes, especially if you choose to leave your camera off during Zoom meetings. Even if you go out, any work around your mouth or jaw will be covered by a mask, so you can keep your surgical choices private.

This means you have the time to heal on your own and carefully for the best results. By the time you see others again, any swelling or side effects will be gone, and you’ll just have your gorgeous results.

More Time Spent Looking at Ourselves

But when your Zoom camera is on, you might spend more time looking at yourself than before. You may be noticing flaws on Zoom, especially if the camera angle is poor. You might notice wrinkles or a double chin that you never saw before. Zoom is not as flattering as your reflection in a mirror.

Plus, your appearance online is more important than ever before. How you photograph matters when no one can see you in person. That’s leading a lot of people to seek out treatments to improve their appearance both in person and online.

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