Get Your Desired Natural Look with Breast Augmentation

When many people think of breast augmentation, they picture very large, round breasts. They may also think of breasts that feel hard or don?t look natural.

But in reality, most women want to achieve a natural look and feel with their breast augmentation surgery. The latest trends in plastic surgery show that more women than ever are choosing smaller cup sizes, such as B and C cups implants, rather than DD sizes or larger.

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your breasts, you have options to enhance their appearance without looking fake or overly large. You can achieve a natural look with cosmetic surgery, too. When talking to your plastic surgeon about your desired results, you should talk about:

Implant Size

Obviously, size is an important factor when selecting breast implants. If you are replacing lost volume due to age or pregnancy, you may choose to return to the size you were before or simply go up one cup size to replicate how you look in a push-up bra. These are often the most natural-looking results, though even larger sizes can still look natural on the right frame.

How Implants Feel

You can choose silicone or saline filled implants. Silicone breast implants feel softer and more natural while saline implants are a little firmer. However, if you have a lot of existing breast tissue to cover the saline implants, they may still feel very natural. Your plastic surgeon can help you understand how much tissue you currently have.

Implant Placement

Breast implants can be placed higher, if you are experiencing sagging in or simply placed where your breasts used to sit. You can also decide how close together to place your implants to create cleavage. Closer together can lead to more natural cleavage, with or without a push-up bra. Many women choose for higher placement, especially if they are having breast augmentation as part of a ?mommy makeover.?

Implant Shape

New implants can have a natural-looking teardrop shape to imitate how breast tissue is thinner or top and thicker on the bottom. You may also choose a round breast implant, especially if you still have a lot of existing tissue in the top half of your breast. Rounder implants can offer the right balance between upper and lower tissue if you are simply looking for a fuller shape.

The best way to get the natural-looking breasts you desire is to talk about your appearance goals with your plastic surgeon. If you can, bring photos of how you used to look or photos of how you?d like your breasts to look. Your surgeon can also show you before and after photos of women who have undergone similar procedures or used similar implants.

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