Factors that Motivate People to Undergo Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is becoming more and more popular in the United States. Because of a variety of factors, many people are more motivated than ever to undergo cosmetic procedures from facelifts to breast augmentation, Botox to lip injections.

Career Growth

Many people cite their employment and career growth as a reason they got plastic surgery. Some people may believe that an improved appearance increases their likelihood of landing a job. Other people believe that looking younger will help them be more competitive, particularly if they are in a career where appearance is important, such as in media or entertainment. Other career fields, such as sales and hospitality, also place value on appearance, so getting cosmetic surgery may directly affect their income.

Media Influences

From Instagram to television, media and content are full of beautiful, younger-looking people with specific body types. When people are dissatisfied with their own bodies, they find it difficult to see others with perfect bodies. This may motivate them to seek to change their own appearance.

Media also has featured plastic surgery more often, particularly in reality shows. People now have a more realistic idea of what plastic surgery entails and what results it can achieve. When you better understand plastic surgery and how many people undergo it, you may feel more comfortable getting surgery yourself.

Friends and Family Experiences

Many people are a lot more open about their cosmetic procedures now. As they talk about their great experiences, they help motivate others to explore their own plastic surgery options. When you see that your sister feels more confident after breast augmentation or your friend feels younger after their tummy tuck, you may seek that same satisfaction for yourself.


Unfortunately, many people are teased about their appearance. They may have a large nose or ears, for instance, and face ridicule from childhood and even into adulthood. Years of teasing can be a powerful motivation to seek plastic surgery. Many people want to stop the teasing and feel more confident about their appearance.

Romantic Relationships

Everyone wants to feel attractive while out on a date. That’s why many people seek out plastic surgery to look younger or more attractive before entering the dating pool. Plastic surgery may be more common in people dating later in life, such as people who were divorced or widowed. Plastic surgery gives them the boost of confidence they need to go out with new people.

Body Dissatisfaction

By far the biggest motivator, however, is simple body dissatisfaction, whether or not other factors motivate you. Changes in your body as you age or after you have a child or experience an injury can make you feel like your body isn’t yours. Plastic surgery is one way to reclaim your previous appearance and feel more like yourself.

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