Do Botox Cosmetic Injections Hurt?

If you’re interested in reducing wrinkles and achieving a younger-looking appearance, you’ve probably considered Botox cosmetic injections. These injections use a protein to block nerve signals to muscles in the face. When the signals are blocked, muscles relax, smoothing away lines.

But many people, especially those who are afraid of needles, worry that Botox injections will hurt. Fortunately, Botox injections don’t hurt at all, for many reasons.

Botox Needles Are Very Small

Botox uses a tiny needle that is only 8 millimeters long. With such a short, small needle, you’ll barely feel it in your skin. For comparison, your yearly flu shot comes in a needle that is 15 to 25 millimeters long, nearly double the size.

Your Technician Can Numb the Area

Your Botox technician or healthcare provider can also protect you from discomfort by using a simple local anesthetic. The anesthetic is applied to your skin as a lotion 15 to 20 minutes before your injection. It prevents you from feeling the needle and wears off quickly after your appointment.

If you would prefer not to use an anesthetic, you can also use a cold pack for 15 minutes before your injection to numb your skin.

Injections Are Quick

Botox is applied in multiple areas of the face in tiny amounts of less than a millimeter at each injection site. The technician will keep the needle moving quickly, so you won’t even have the time to feel it moving in and out of your forehead. If you do feel anything, it is comparable to a quick insect sting that fades quickly.

Most Patients Experience No Discomfort

When you receive Botox from an experienced provider, it’s highly likely you won’t feel any discomfort at all. Even after your procedure, most patients don’t report any discomfort as the injection site heals. In rare instances, you may have a little redness around the injection site, but it’s important you don’t rub it. Rubbing the site could cause bruising and pain.

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