Change Breast Shape and Volume with Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is not just about getting bigger breasts; it’s about getting the breasts that you desire. Whether you want to change your breast shape, enhance your cleavage, or go up a few cup sizes, you and your plastic surgeon can work together to create the breasts you desire.

Breast Changes With Time

Your breasts can change size and shape throughout your life. As you age, they may grow longer and sag. After pregnancy, they may lose volume or appear less full. If you lose a significant amount of weight, they may appear loose.

It’s next to impossible to avoid breast changes throughout your lifetime, but if you are unhappy with your breasts, breast augmentation can help.

How Augmentation Affects Breast Appearance

Breast augmentation surgery can be customized to your desires. Some women desire much larger breasts while other women just want to better fill out a sweater or balance their figure. Before undergoing surgery, you should discuss your appearance goals with your plastic surgeon. You may want to talk about:

Cleavage-Implants can be placed closer together or further apart to create different looking cleavage.

Shape– Round or teardrop shaped implants can change the shape of your breasts.

Volume – Breast augmentation can fill in lost volume or increase the volume of your breasts using implants or fat taken from other areas of your body. Fat grafts may be best to fill in small areas of lost volume while implants are best for increasing cup size.

Feel– Silicone or saline implants feel differently to the touch. You should choose the implant that feels best to you.

You can discuss all these topics during a breast augmentation consultation. You may want to bring pictures of breasts that you like, whether they are photos from magazines or before and after photos from the surgeon’s own practice.

At Galardi | Bowen Plastic Surgery in Virginia Beach, we have the skill and experience you need for shapely, beautiful and full breasts. Our expert surgeon and his team can help you get the breasts you desire with safe and reliable breast augmentation. Contact us today for your breast augmentation consultation.