Causes of Sagging Breasts and How to Prevent Them

As you age, your breasts undergo changes that can change their shape, size, and appearance. The ligaments that hold up breast tissue (Cooper’s ligaments) get weaker and stretch out. The tissue in your breasts changes from mostly lobes and ducts to mostly fat, even if you don’t gain weight.

Over time, these changes can leave your breasts looking saggy or deflated. Other life events, like pregnancy, can also change your breasts. Pregnancy causes breasts to grow, but after birth or breastfeeding, breasts begin to shrink again but may not return to their original shape.

While some aspects of breast sagging aren’t preventable, there are some steps you can take to maintain your breast’s appearance over time.

Exercise Regularly

Your breasts don’t contain any muscle tissue, but the pectoral muscles beneath your breasts can affect how your breasts look. Building up this muscle with strength training like push-ups can help lift tissue and make breasts appear perkier. Maintaining good back and core strength can also lead to improved posture and better breast appearance.

Regular exercise can also help you maintain a healthy weight. Gaining too much weight can weigh breasts down, leading to sagging.

Don’t Yo-Yo Diet

Yo-yo diets can cause your weight to fluctuate throughout your life. When you gain weight, it stretches out the skin of your breasts. When you lose it, the skin may not be able to return to its original size. The skin will then sag instead of remaining perky.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking has negative effects on your entire body, including your breasts. Some studies suggest smoking causes premature aging and sagging in breasts. If you currently smoke, quit as soon as possible to stop damage.

Sleep on Your Back

You may be able to reduce stress on the ligaments and connective tissue in your breasts by sleeping on your back. When you lie on your back, your breasts are supported by your chest. When you lie on your side, they are pulled by gravity, which may stress ligaments.

Undergo Breast Lift Surgery

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, sagging can’t be prevented. During breast lift surgery, Galardi | Bowen Plastic Surgery can remove extra skin that causes sagging. The procedure can be combined with breast reduction or breast augmentation to help you achieve the appearance you desire.

At Galardi | Bowen Plastic Surgery in Virginia Beach, we can help you enjoy full, perky breasts and greater confidence in your body. Contact us today at (757) 496-5556 to schedule your consultation.