Breast Augmentation Season

Hurricane Michael brought winds, rain, and colder temperatures fall has officially arrived. For many reasons, this is considered the beginning of Breast Augmentation Season in Virginia Beach, and we’re happy to explain why.

Staying Warmbreast cosmetic surgery

During the colder months it’s obviously conventional to cover up more of your skin. Wearing long pants, chunky sweaters, and long sleeves, and scarves can help to hide any residual swelling, bruising, or scarring following a breast augmentation procedure.

Breast implants are one of our most popular procedures, and although the real payoff won’t be until summer, you’ll be thankful for the additional recovery time.

Ready for the Holidays

Food, photos, and fun times abound during the holiday season. Don’t be caught forever in those holiday cards with a flat chest! Take the leap ahead of time, so that your breasts are full, perky, and healed when it’s time to smile by the tree.

breast surgery

Bonus: You’ll have time to shop around for new bras and maybe even something small and sheer and red, with some white feathers, to show off your new assets.

Paid Time Off

Most folks already have extra time off from work around November and December, thanks to the holiday season. Take advantage of that last Black Friday for more than the sales, or schedule your breast augmentation procedure a day or two before traveling in December.

You’ll be able to rest and avoid strenuous activity, while nobody at work is any the wiser.

Plan Ahead

boob surgery Now is the perfect time to start planning your breast augmentation procedure in order to maximize your recovery time and achieve the best results. Spend the remaining weeks of October planning, scheduling, and confirming details. Schedule your Free Cosmetic Consultation for Breast Augmentation surgery today to start discussing your goals and expectations with Dr. Galardi, Galardi | Bowen Plastic Surgery, or one of our other qualified plastic surgeons.

Every Season is Breast Season

Although fall and winter may offer more convenience when scheduling, undergoing and healing from your breast augmentation surgery, there’s no bad time for a boob job. Your new breast implants will look great all year round, in all styles of fashion.

Contact the professional breast augmentation surgeons at Galardi & Galardi | Bowen Plastic Surgery to get started.