How Your Life Can Change After Breast Implants

You’ve researched breast implants. You’ve picked out the right implant for you with the help of your plastic surgeon. You are preparing for surgery and recovery after your breast augmentation. Even with all this preparation, it may be hard for you to imagine what you’ll look like–and feel like–with your new breasts.

Breast augmentation can change your body and your life in some unexpected ways. After your recovery is complete, you may experience:

A Boost of Confidence

Increased confidence and self-esteem are the side effects of breast augmentation that every woman hopes for. In good news, the vast majority of women with breast implants report a better quality of life after their procedure. They report feeling:

  • More feminine
  • More beautiful
  • Increased confidence at work and in their romantic life
  • Improved self-worth and self-esteem

When you feel good about your body, you can feel good about yourself, too. This is one of the ways your life can change after breast implants.

Strange Feelings and Sensations

Your new breasts are not going to feel natural to you right away. It will take both your body and your mind some time to get used to how you look, how you feel, how your clothes fit and other changes. You might find yourself looking in the mirror often to get used to your new silhouette.

While you are initially pleased about your breast implants, you may go through periods of doubt. Do your breasts sit too high? Did you get big enough implants? Did you make the right choices? You should feel reassured that you and your plastic surgeon made the best implant decisions for your body size and your desired appearance. When you reassure yourself, you’ll likely feel very happy again.

Immediately after your surgery, you may also experience some temporary physical sensations. You might feel prickling in your breasts and nipples, for instance. Your breasts aren’t just fat; they are nerves and other tissues, too. Your nerves might need a slightly longer time to heal. When they are recovered, the prickling sensation will go away.

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Your implants are now part of your body, which may mean they go through the same changes your body goes through. They may begin to sag over time, for instance, as your body loses elastin with age. Or your breast appearance may change if you gain or lose weight. A lot of weight gain can also lead to sagging by putting too much pressure on the tissues holding your breasts up.

Because of this, breast implants don’t offer permanent results. You may need revisional surgery, such as a breast lift, later in life to maintain your new appearance. You can help your implants last longer by maintaining a steady weight throughout your life.

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