Cosmetic Surgery Trends in 2022

In the last few years, cosmetic surgery trends have primarily focused on the face as more patients underwent facelift, eyelid, and rhinoplasty surgery in 2020 and 2021 than any other procedures. One of the possible causes for the rise in facial cosmetic surgery during these years is the exponentially increased time many people spent looking at their reflection while working from home. However, the cosmetic surgery trends in 2022 seem to be taking the opposite stance as more individuals are undergoing procedures for the body.

As facial surgeries slightly decline, surgeons have seen a notable increase in the number of cosmetic surgery patients undergoing body contouring procedures. For more details on the rising trends for cosmetic surgery in 2022, get in touch with one of our qualified surgeons for an in-person consultation.

2022 Trends in Cosmetic Surgery for the Body

Experts believe that the most popular cosmetic surgery trend for 2022 is going to be body contouring surgery as patients move away from face-oriented operations. Many individuals were not as active during the last few years while working at home, leading to minor or moderate weight gain for some, resulting in increasing liposuction procedures. In addition, non-surgical body contouring options to remove fat while increasing collagen production for firmer skin are increasingly trending.

Alternatively, some individuals lost considerable weight during quarantine from turning to at-home exercise, leaving them with loose and sagging skin on the body. With this in mind, operations such as arm, thigh, and lower body lift procedures and tummy tuck surgery may become more prevalent in 2022 to enhance body contours.

As body contouring surgery becomes more popular, routine procedures like Brazilian butt lift surgery will likely stay in demand among cosmetic surgery patients in 2022. Further, mommy makeover treatments that include multiple body contouring operations will remain a popular cosmetic surgery trend in the next few years.

Trends of 2022 for Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Though experts predict that the 2022 trends for cosmetic surgery will predominantly revolve around body contouring, facial cosmetic surgery is likely to remain popular. A recent trend for female facial appearances is more angular features with sharp edges, also known as feline facial features, that look narrower and more slanted. Subsequently, more individuals are researching buccal fat pad reduction surgery to slim and contour the cheeks by removing the naturally occurring fat pads.

Likewise, more individuals are undergoing eyelid surgery and brow or forehead lift procedures to achieve more angular facial features and overall appearance. For instance, eyelid surgery could create narrow, slanted eyes while a brow lift raises the eyebrows’ position. As a result, a patient’s face looks notably younger and alert, with more angular features around the upper face, including the eyes.

Some of the standard cosmetic procedures for the face that will likely remain popular throughout 2022 include rhinoplasty for the nose and facelift surgery. Though some patients are dissolving dermal filler injections for more natural facial appearances, the treatment remains popular for anti-aging and facial feature contouring effects.

Learn More About the 2022 Trends for Cosmetic Surgery

Trending beauty standards change rapidly, mainly due to the effects of social media platforms that have a notable influence on the popular cosmetic procedures at a given time. For example, as more individuals worked with video call platforms, cosmetic surgery trends saw a rise in individuals undergoing facial procedures. Though facial cosmetic surgery remains popular, the cosmetic surgery trends for 2022 are leaning more towards body contouring and enhancing operations.

In the two years since working from home became typical, many individuals gained or lost weight, resulting in an increase in liposuction and other contouring operations. Similarly, as the popularity of angular features increases, more patients are turning to surgeries for slimming and contouring the face. Call us today to hear more about the most popular trends for cosmetic surgery this year.