Liposuction Surgery Can Remove Stubborn Fat From Your Body Parts

A plastic surgery to tone and slim your body

Every body has different areas where it stores fat and a specific order that it adds fat to those areas. For instance, you may find when you diet, you lose weight in your breasts first, and not in your thighs where you want to lose it.

Because every body is different, it means that not every workout will result in reducing fat in all areas for everyone. You might lose a lot of weight, tone up your thighs, but still have extra fat in your arms that makes you feel insecure. The truth is, no matter how hard you work out, that fat might never go away on its own.

That’s why liposuction can be so helpful. When you are trying to lose weight and have that one stubborn spot where fat just won’t go away, liposuction can get rid of it.

How Liposuction Works

Liposuction works best for people who have already reached their goal, healthy weight, but need a little boost to get rid of those stubborn areas of fat. These people have the best long-term results with a toned, contoured body.

Liposuction is a minimally invasive, outpatient surgery. That means your doctor will only use a few small incisions and that you’ll be able to go home to recover after your surgery is over.

During your liposuction procedure, you’ll be asleep under general anesthesia. Your doctor will make a few small incisions in the areas where you are getting rid of fat. They will also inject a special solution to help reduce pain and prepare your fat for easier removal. When your body is ready, they will then insert a special device to suck out fat cells. Once they have removed the correct amount of fat, they will remove the tool and sew up the incision.

After your procedure, someone will need to drive you home and care for you. Depending on where you had fat removed, you may need to avoid exercise or activities for a few weeks after your procedure as you heal.

Areas Where You Can Use Liposuction

A lot of people mistakenly believe you can only use liposuction on your abdomen. The truth is that liposuction can help remove fat from multiple areas of your body, including:

  • Upper arms
  • Abdomen
  • Thighs
  • Butt
  • Breasts
  • Face
  • Neck
  • Chin
  • Jaw

The real key to great liposuction in any area is to remove not all the fat, but the correct amount of fat. A thin layer of fat is necessary to help your body still look soft and appropriately contoured. If all the fat was gone, your proportions would look strange.

At Galardi | Bowen Plastic Surgery in Virginia Beach, we provide personalized liposuction procedures for stubborn fat on all areas of your body. We help you have great results that are right for your body and your proportions, so you can feel confident in your body. Contact us today at (757)496-5556 for your liposuction consultation.