How to Prepare and Care for a Facelift

The right care both before and after a facelift can lead to a faster recovery and beautiful results. Get your best cosmetic surgery outcome by following this advice:

Prepare for a Facelift

What happens before a facelift can be just as important as what happens afterward and can make your healing period easier. Before your facelift, you should:

Stop smoking– Smoking disrupts healing, making your recovery longer and even increasing the risk for scarring. Smoking also increases signs of aging, undoing the important work of your procedure.

Get your hair colored– You won’t be able to take a trip to the salon for several weeks after your facelift, so get any touch-ups you need done first.

Avoid blood-thinning medicines – Blood thinners, aspirins, and NSAID pain relievers like Aleve can all increase how much you bleed or bruise after your facelift. Avoid these medicines for a week before your surgery, as well as after your surgery is complete.

Prepare your home– You may want to stay home for a week or so to recover. Make sure you have the groceries, entertainment, prescription medicines, and household goods you need so you can relax and not worry about running errands.

Get a sleeping space ready– It’s best to keep your face elevated as you sleep after surgery. Make sure you have a recliner or plenty of comfortable pillows to keep you upright after your surgery.

Care for a Facelift

Once your surgery is complete, you should follow these instructions to ensure that your recovery is as safe and fast as possible. Keep your face upright– When you sleep or sit, you’ll need to keep your head upright. Avoid putting pressure on your face by lying on your back.

Use sun protection– Protect your results and more youthful looking face by using sunscreen every day. In the summer, you should also wear wide-brimmed hats to keep the sun off of your skin.

Avoid strenuous activity. While you can do light housework, you should avoid strenuous activity and exercise for at least two weeks after your procedure. Too much activity can lead to more swelling and scarring.

Keep incisions clean and dry– A nurse or physician will give you directions on when to change bandages and how to keep your incisions clean. Follow these instructions closely to protect your results and avoid infection.

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