Fight the Signs of Aging with Dermal Fillers

Aging has many effects on your appearance. Your skin may become less elastic due to the loss of a protein called collagen. Because it can’t bounce back into place the way it did before, it begins to give in to gravity. It may begin to sag in some areas and wrinkle in others.

The fat tissue beneath your skin, which is what leads to a rounder, more youthful appearance, can also begin to slip or even go away entirely. As this tissue disappears, any existing wrinkles will become more and more apparent.

Fortunately, dermal fillers provide a quick solution to lost volume and deep wrinkles. These nonsurgical treatments are safe and effective at fighting common signs of aging.

How Dermal Fillers Work

Dermal fillers, like Juvederm and Restylane, contain hyaluronic acid, a substance naturally found in your body. Hyaluronic acid is like a clear gel that helps your skin retain moisture and elasticity.

Dermal filler injections help restore levels of hyaluronic acid in your skin, leading to a more supple look. They also add volume to areas where volume has been lost with age or fill in deep wrinkles. You can receive dermal fillers in your:

  • Lips, to restore or add volume for a plumper lip
  • Cheeks to restore a more rounded, youthful appearance
  • Nasal-labial folds around your mouth to fill in deep parentheses wrinkles
  • With more volume, you’ll see fewer wrinkles and have a fresher look.

What to Expect at Your Dermal Filler Appointment

If you choose to get dermal fillers, your aesthetician or a physician will talk to you about what results you are looking for. It may be best to bring pictures of yourself when you were younger so they can see what will look natural for you.

After you have discussed your goals, they can plan your treatment. Your aesthetician will apply numbing agents to areas where you will receive injections to help you stay comfortable. They will then strategically inject small amounts of the dermal fillers.

The entire procedure takes just 15 minutes and should cause little discomfort.

Dermal Filler Results

You’ll be able to see your results and added volume immediately. You may have minor swelling or redness for two or three days, so allow this swelling to go down before deciding how you feel about your results.

The vast majority of patients are pleased with how their fillers look. However, if you do not like your results, your aesthetician can use a second injection that dissolves the hyaluronic acid, restoring your previous appearance.

If you enjoy your results, you should be able to see them for up to a year or even longer. You can schedule maintenance appointments to ensure you continue looking young for years to come.
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