Choose The Right Implant Size For Your Breast Augmentation Surgery

Before you undergo breast augmentation surgery, you and your plastic surgeon can work together to customize what your results will look like. You can choose so many different options to achieve the appearance and feel you want. You can choose silicone or saline. You can choose your implant shape.

One of the most important choices you’ll make is what size implant is right for you. Implants are measured in CC’s, not cup sizes, but as little as 150cc may take you up a cup size and a half. As you are deciding what size implant is right for you, you should consider these factors:

The Size of Your Frame

You can choose a huge range of sizes for breast implants, but that doesn’t mean that your body can handle all the sizes. Very large sizes will not fit well on a woman with narrow shoulders and chest, for instance. On the other hand, if you have wide shoulders, you can probably select a larger size implant to keep your measurements in balance.

You should consider your hips, waist and shoulder measurements. If you want an hourglass figure, you will want your breasts to be a similar measurement to your hip width. If you want to keep a heavier bottom, you’ll want your breast size to be smaller.

Even your height may play a factor. Petite women may look out of proportion with very large implants. They might even look shorter if the size of the implants hurts their posture. Taller women, however, can choose larger implants to maintain their proportions without putting too much strain on their backs.

Your Lifestyle
Your lifestyle also plays a role in determining your implant size. If you are very active, such as running every day, selecting a large implant may be heavy and uncomfortable when you exercise. If your job is physically demanding, causing you to lift or stand all day, very heavy implants could slow you down and even hurt your back.

Even if you aren’t active, large implants can strain your back, particularly if you are a smaller woman. They can lead to fatigue, achiness and other side effects that even lead some women to have a breast reduction.

The Clothes You Wear

Even your fashion sense can affect what size implants you should choose. If you enjoy wearing plunging necklines, you may find that larger breasts don’t stay put as well in these clothes. If you enjoy wearing tighter sweaters, you may find large implants throw your sizing off.

Luckily, your surgeon should be able to offer you the opportunity to try on specialized bras that imitate larger breasts. You can see what these larger sizes look like underneath your clothes and how much pressure and weight they put on your back. Your surgeon can also offer guidance on how your body may look with different implant sizes and cup sizes.

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