Can Plastic Surgery Help Boost Self-Confidence?

Each year, plastic surgeons perform more than 17 million cosmetic surgeries and minimally invasive procedures. From Botox injections to tummy tucks, breast augmentation to butt lifts, surgeons help people safely change the appearance of their bodies.

But while plastic surgeries can certainly make people look better, can they also help people feel better?

Plastic Surgery is a Self-Esteem Booster

The answer appears to be yes, for most patients who have realistic expectations of their results. Multiple studies have shown that the vast majority of patients are satisfied with the results of their plastic surgery. Furthermore, patients report an increase in:

Your butt lift results are long-lasting. You can expect benefits like:

  • Self worth
  • Self esteem
  • Quality of life
  • Positive body image

They also report a decrease in shyness and distress. In short, their plastic surgery helps them feel great about themselves and confident in relationships, at work and at home.

Not All Surgeries Have the Same Results

Some surgeries result in a bigger increase in positive feelings than others. In general, surgeries that make big changes, like rhinoplasty (nose surgery) or breast augmentation, result in a bigger increase in self-confidence. Restorative procedures, like a facelift or Botox, do result in increased feelings of confidence and self-esteem, but this effect seems to be smaller, likely because the changes to appearance are more subtle.

Mental Health Affects Changes in Self Confidence

However, not all patients will be satisfied with their results or experience big improvements in self-confidence. These patients may be more likely to be unsatisfied, not because of surgeon skill, but because of their own expectations and mental health before they even undergo surgery.

Some people who seek out surgery have body dysmorphic disorder. These people may obsess with a particular body part for hours a day and mistakenly believe they are ugly. They may continue to feel this way even after they have surgery and continue to seek out different surgeries. Fortunately, body dysmorphic disorder can be treated with therapy and medications–not plastic surgery.

That’s why it is important to understand that you must undergo plastic surgery for the right reasons. People who have unrealistic expectations of their results are often the most dissatisfied with their results. Remember, plastic surgery can boost your self-confidence, but it cannot save a relationship or make you into a completely different person.

Before you choose surgery, you should know that you are doing it for yourself only. Make sure you know what you really want to achieve with your surgery. Talk to your cosmetic surgeon so you can understand what your results may look like and how you may feel after the procedure is complete. A trustworthy and talented surgeon can help you boost your confidence and improve your appearance.

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