If your dermatologist determines you have facial, neck, or scalp skin cancer, it is essential to have it treated as soon as possible by a medical professional. Early detection and treatment increase the odds of a quick recovery and remission.

Skin cancer surgery can result in some undesirable scarring and disfigurement of the surgical area. Therefore, your dermatologist may recommend Mohs reconstruction in Virginia Beach. If you are a cancer survivor, our experienced cosmetic surgeons could use this procedure to help you feel more comfortable in your skin. Call today to learn more about the facial plastic surgery options offered at Galardi | Bowen | Rosenblum.

The Difference Between Mohs Surgery and Reconstruction

Although the two treatments often accompany one another, it is important to differentiate between Mohs surgery and Mohs reconstruction. Mohs surgery is a standard skin cancer removal treatment, while the reconstruction procedure is used to rebuild disfigured tissue and hide scarring.

Mohs Surgery

Mohs surgery has a 99 percent cure rate. Doctors commonly use this procedure to remove melanoma, basal cell carcinoma (BCC), and squamous cell carcinoma (SCC). Dermatologists may recommend you see a dermatological surgeon for this treatment if your skin cancer is:

  • Large
  • Aggressive and spreading quickly
  • Returning
  • Undefined with unclear edges
  • In a delicate area where minimal tissue removal is critical (e.g., cheeks, nose, ears)

Mohs Reconstruction

Even microsurgeries like Mohs can result in some scarring and stiffness in the face. Your healthcare provider may recommend Mohs reconstruction to help restore function and reduce scar tissue after surgery.

Mohs reconstruction can be used to help you reconstruct your nose, face, ears, neck, and scalp. This reconstructive surgery can also bring you closure on your cancer treatment and improve self-confidence.

The Reconstructive Surgery Process

The first step in the Mohs reconstruction process is to consult with your dermatologist or healthcare provider following your Mohs surgery procedure. They will double-check everything went according to plan with the original surgery and ensure that your cancer is completely removed or in remission.

If more tissue had to be removed during surgery than previously expected, or you are unhappy with your post-surgery appearance, your dermatologist may recommend Mohs reconstruction. If so, the next step is to consult with a cosmetic surgeon that will assess your situation and schedule a surgery that addresses your needs and concerns.

Mohs reconstruction surgery is an outpatient surgery. The surgery is completed right in our clinic and takes four hours to complete on average. However, duration depends on whether skin grafts were used and the amount of reconstruction required.

Recovering from Mohs Reconstruction

Side effects of Mohs reconstruction are often minor but may include delicacy and bruising. It’s essential to take it easy while recovering from surgery, avoiding strenuous exercise and laborious tasks. Because this procedure is reconstructive, you will have to wait four to six weeks for the final results.

Mohs Reconstruction Surgery in Virginia Beach May be Right for You

If you underwent Mohs surgery and are not happy with your post-op appearance or are dealing with restricted motion due to scar tissue, you could be a candidate for Mohs reconstruction in Virginia Beach.

This is a one-day procedure that could restore your face, neck, and scalp to appear closer to how they once did and improve any mobility that was lost in surgery. Call today to set up a consultation with our team and learn more about your surgery options. We are ready to answer any questions you may have and ensure that you are cared for in every step of this process.

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